Adventuring Equipment


Four Mule pull cart w/ Ruggedized all terrain wheels
Collapsible wagon cover w/ frame
Portable workbench kit for carpentry repairs

Candle x24
Lamp oil x20
Lanterns x 10
Poles x 20
Tinder box x2
Rope 50′ × 6
Large tent x6
Foldable Table x3
Folding Cots (for triage)
Wool Blanket x12
Climbing Gear x 14
First Aid kits x10
Signal Whistle x5
Trapping Equipment (Hunting)
Portable shower stall w/ privacy curtains and heating water tanks
Cooking utensil supply/pantry

Large Crossbowx12
Large Crossbow Bolts x100
Medium Shield x 10


Adventuring Equipment

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