Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 25: No rest for the wary

After our last bout Torsten kicked over the grave marker’s Erymos did up for his men and cut down a tree inspiring Erymos at bloody mace point to make something ‘more worthwhile of men who were sacrificed in the eternal struggle against evil’ making Erymos cry since it took him five hours to make the first set of grave markers. A nicer set of wooden tomb markers were made though with their names etched on them. Erymos played and sung hymms before Torsten gave a rather moving eulogy.

After healing up (Natural and Prays spells) a few days Erymos stopped passing out over the black giant’s leftover desk and figured out the probable location ~ 5% margin of error to the location of the last light spire with the assistance of Torsten’s god telling him exactly where we were (God Positioning Sign), mathematics, and novice level map reading skills.

Gottri scout a band of orcs which we ambushed while they were eating roasted goblin. When one of the orcs saw Harimor at night coming in dive bomb charging on Hoofcrest and pointed Gottri took him out. The leader said “Get t-” before his headless body was spinning around before it fell (victim to the dive bombing charge). Erymos took out the larger fire and seven of the nine orcs around it with a devastating (metagaming a 64 points of damage) Thundering Fist of Heat Seeking.

By this time they were scrambling around as Torsten launched himself up one of the orcs and nailed him into the ground like a hammer letting out some agression of lossing his men and being betrayed.

Fallen attacked one of the remaining three who blocked with the leg of a roasted goblin getting badly injured and turned to run away getting another attack to the back (I pointed out Fallen wasn’t a knight so this was totally still honorable for her to do.)

The last two were chased down and captured for interegation. They were talking in Orc about us and how they’d escape and cut our throats in our sleep. I said back in Orc not to mess with me. I told Torsten that the one on left who seemed to be the one with the ideas of killing us had been talking about the Lantern and betrayal and how to kill us. Torsten twitched and beat the orc not even bothering with his mace. I wink at the other orc who watched in horror at the brutality watching Torsten drop the limb he had ripped off and beat the orc with before killing him.

We found ourselves eventually in the hunting grounds of a pair of owlbeasts which we eventually killed… afterwards we found their clutch. Everyone was disturbed by how Erymos knitted up baby cozies for the eggs and supposedly started making plans to raise them. They didn’t mind him pulling out a book and field stripping the meat from the owlbeasts or getting their pelts, claws, and heads in very good condition.

Supposedly Erymos and books on how to do things was a promising and powerful combination.


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