Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 24: When honest men fall, good men can do bad things

Sitting on the back of a donkey since you can’t stand or walk while the rest of the party makes camp isn’t the best of places to be. You’re too weak to get the donkey to stop moving around and telling the others fell on deaf ears. I guess it could have been worse, melting a metal door and blowing it off it’s hinges so you’re not smashed to death in a stone vice could have been worse… Granted if Harimore hadn’t caught me I could have dropped the fifty feet to the ground before the rest escaped. I should backtrack and tell this from the start, I’m a little out of it from almost killing myself in an explosion.

Back at the villages the people opted to go back to their homelands and try and rejoin with their tribe(s). With a bit of money and a crash course in suvival they packed up and were on their way. The leader of Torsten’s men was a bit anxious to get going as well. I wondered if he had gotten one of the young maidens pregnant and wanted to just be on his way.

To the other blue spire of light in the sky we found it easily enough. Torsten’s men went one way while we took the main road in with Gottri scouting ahead. We came to a desterted camp, no guards on patrol, or in the tower, or at the gates… technically there was no one. Gottri came from the woods and said he hadn’t spotted anyone and we waited for Torsten’s men. They never came, we eventually went to see them and found them vanished.

Gottri, Fallen, and Erymos eventually found a path to a secret door. Gottri was suprised they found it since it took him so long and he was an experiences scout. Inside he checked for traps getting everyone to walk the edge of an area we found to be a pit trap. It seemed from the tracks all the men came to the point where the pit was, one seemed to move farther away to a lever we pulled the lever and watched the pit open. A black ooze devoid of light was probably the men’s killer. Fallen suggested one of Torsten’s men might have killed the rest. He immediately denied it.

As we moved into the next area across the cavern we saw one of his men, he explained someone had tricked them and set the trap and he had managed to climb out but he feared the rest had perished or fallen through the ooze and be someplace else. He had heard noises earlier ahead and beckoned Torsten closer. Fallen and I agreed this was an obvious trap and he should go. That’s when we knew we were going to all die (since we agreed on something).

Torsten on blind faith went to the last of his men with Harimore following/protecting him from the shotty path they were on that was trapped for them to fall. Gottri hurried about the other wall’s path and getting us there safely. The man seemed surprised to see Torsten as he finally crossed and said they should leave and go ahead. We called for Torsten to wait and he thought he man odd for not wanted to wait. When we finally caught up Torsten was climbing a ladder with Harimore wondering what was going on. The rest of us caught up and watched Torsten arguing with his follower to open the door as the man cackled. The click audible behind us had Fallen and myself looking as a portuclis fell and the walls started to move closer together. We told Torsten the situation and he commanded his follower through prayer to open the door. As he did Harimore was climbing up about halfway up when the man opened the door and a hand shoved him down the 40 foot drop to his surprise.

Harrimore caught him on the way down but in the man’s flailing Harrimore lost his hold on the ladder and plummeted down the twenty feet landing on top of the guy. Torsten slide down the rungs to shake the man. I looked at Gottri and we climbed up the ladder the door above closed again. I yelled for him to open it and he yelled back there was no lock or mechanism on this side. I asked if he could open it if he was stronger and he said maybe. I cast a spell and he got some bending but not enough to get through. I told him to get out of the way climbing to the underside so he could go down. The rest were climbing up and we were running out of options. I yelled back if I got knocked out someone better catch me and to no look up. Casting White Hot Metal on a door doesn’t melt it, it does get it hot enough to glow and with that as an immediate source of fire I let go of the ladder and cast Heat Seeking Fist of Thunder. Everything kind of slowed down a bit as I fell, I saw the larger version of my fist as it rushed up to the door, watched the sparks and explosion, I felt the hot air wash over me and I felt warm… I felt tired. I blacked out.

I found out later Torsten had cornered his follower and asked him point blank what was going on. He admitted betrayal of the men and of Torsten and of the church, the promises of riches had been too much but now he was going to die down here like the rest of them. Fallen began to say something but Torsten just shook his head and simply countered with ‘No.’ It wasn’t much of a warning before he launched himself at the man his ham sized fist driving him first to his knees, then to all fours before laying on his back Torsten still punching him repeatedly where a face use to be. Torsten waled openly rocking the headless body he had create. For once Fallen didn’t have a snide comment as she and Harrimore shoved Torsten up the ladder to Gottri’s cries to hurry as the walls had still been moving this whole time.

I woke up to Torsten over me with sad eyes and blood, flesh and brain (in retrospect) splattering his face and chest. I screamed bloody murder searching myself for holes from the explosion in my body and could find any. He let everyone know I was back awake and whining so I was fine before he left. Fallen was the one to tell me what happened below and how they heard the explosion above on the climb up with my unconscious body flying by them before Harrimore braced himself and then caught me this time learning from before.

Still groggy the group tried to figure out where the last part of the triangle would be on a map. I flopped over looking like a man too drunk to stand and pulled a book about math out getting an odd look. Supposedly I had passed out again having said I know how to figure it out and than drooling on myself falling unconscious again. That’s why they put me on the pack of this donkey as we make camp. No one has come to get me yet and it’s starting to rain… like I said I guess it could be worse. Fallen could have saved me.


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