Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 22: The Festival of Revolution

After the fall of the House of Kane, you decided to retreat into the woods, heal up and regroup. The villagers had taken serious casualties in the battle and the Acolytes of Light were all wounded. You hid out in the woods for several days and decided to scout out the lake in the center of the woods. You reached the center of the lake using several wooden boats you discovered (you sank several others so you could not be followed). At the center of the lake you discovered a raised, glassine platform hovering over the center of the lake. In the center of the platform you saw a machine very much like the one that you had discovered near the Drow compound some months ago. This one had a jagged impression in the top of the machine, into which you placed the piece of green stone that you found at the top of the Ogre priest’s staff. The piece of blue-green stone fit perfectly. The machine hummed to life and a shaft of blue-green light shot into the sky. Just at that moment, several of the black flying creatures you had seen flew into view and then flew off to the north.

You then came up with a plan: you would replicate your success with the House of Kane on the other two houses. Erymos devised a super-potent version of his deprogramming potion (that he estimated had a “non-trivial” chance to kill all the villagers). Meanwhile, the rest of the group scouted the other two towns and convinced Oakleaf and his Treants to help with your plan. You had your “scout” Gottri place the deprogramming potion in the food and drink of the other two towns. Once the townsfolk were deprogrammed them, Torsten used his powers of persuasion to convince them to attack their Ogre masters. At the appointed time, Torsten blew his horn and the attack on the House of Fist and the House of Blood commenced. Casualties were sustained, but the day was saved when Erymos turned invisible and launched a magical fusillade at the ogre leader and his henchmen, killing or scattering them. Victory was yours! But it was a costly victory, with serious casualties among the townsfolk and your own Acolytes all badly wounded.

You now need to decide whether you will enter the mountain and face the Great Mother that you keep hearing about or whether you will head out to the Drow complex to complete your original mission. Also: what will become of all the deprogrammed villagers?


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