Our campaign takes place on the world of Tellene in an area called the “Young Kingdoms,” a group of independent kingdoms of the former Kalamaran Empire. You began your adventuring careers only a few months ago in the City-State of P’Bapar. Ever since it became the first nation to successfully declare independence, P’Bapar has been seen as something of a leader among the Young Kingdoms. P’Bapar’s status as the largest independent city-state on Tellene is a source of great pride for the citizenry. Each of you has traveled from P’Bapar to an outlying area called “Frandor’s Keep,” which has the reputation as something of a boomtown, with all that implies (pockets to be picked, souls to be saved, mercenaries needed to keep orcs and goblins at bay, silver flowing freely, etc….). Frandor’s Keep is nestled in the mountains to the north of P’Bapar. Frandor’s Keep was destroyed by orcs about eight or ten years ago and then retaken and rebuilt when a mysterious plague wiped out the humanoid threat.

Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

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