Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers


Although each of the young adventurers arrived in the town of Vew separately, they are staying together at a place called the Green Griffyn Inn. Vew is a frontier town and considered the western edge of civilization. Frandor’s Keep is about forty miles from where you are now: three or four days away, depending on weather. They group has each burned through much of their original stake of silver pieces equipping themselves and getting to Vew. The trip has been uneventful and the party has seen no action yet (in fact, none of them has ever really been in anything approaching a fight for their lives before). It is late autumn and getting cold in the mountains. There is a light snowfall outside. Aside from the innkeeper, Turvolk, his wife, Rowena and daughter, Kala, the four adventurers are the only people staying at the Green Griffyn (others from around the countryside stopped by in the evening for the tavern libations and music but then departed).

At about an hour to midnight, the party was getting ready to retire for the evening, they felt a sudden lurch as the Green Griffyn Inn seemed to be shifting on its foundations. In a moment, the floor of the Inn collapsed, taking everyone in the room down with it! Miraculously, aside from some scrapes and bruises, the party escaped serious harm. Unfortunately, the innkeeper Turvolk was badly wounded and getting back up from the sinkhole back to the surface seems impossible. As torches are lit and they began assessing thier options, the source of the trouble is seen: a series of freshly-dug mining tunnels under the Inn sapped the foundations and caused the Inn to collapse. Whether this was intentional or not was unclear. Human(?) footprints indicate that the tunnel system is used frequently and discarded mining equipment is strewn about. Rowena and Kala are terrified and Turvolk is bleeding and unconscious. It is very cold and damp here and there is a breeze that causes torchlight to flicker. There is the faint sound of raspy voices and mocking laughter, barely audible in the distance….

Tale 02: Caravans and Kobolds
Second Session 18 November

I write this note of my second adventure a little disappointed in the ‘upper class’ and the word of artists which I question to be reputable right now… Sorry distracted at the stomping off and grimacing of the ‘lady’ of our fellowship. Guess getting heavily injured is something the be worked up over besides not getting paid for services rendered but the girl rushes forward brashly into battle. Little could be said for the logical outcome. I guess I should explain.

Tale 03: Gobbies and Damsels
18 Dec 2012 Session

After the artist admitted not having payment and reached for the paints me slamming my staff down in front of his hand and sliding the paints away was a good opening to let him know he would get the paints on delviery, and if we needed to go to the keep to get his money we could accompany him so he didn’t die on the way, we’d also retain his wagon and donkey in the meantime if he thought of stealing the paints and running off without payment. It was going to be about two more weeks before Fallen was healthy enough to move around. Fortunately we found another hire on for the trip and maybe longer.

Tale 04: Repo & Forest Fires
23rd Dec 2012 Session

As I sit here soaking my robes to get the smell of smoke out I can say for a change no one really got seriously hurt after this adventure. Granted we did start a small forest fire, killed off the greater part of a thief’s guild or gang making an enemy of their leader but for the most part physically we weren’t seriously hurt to the point we needed medical attention and several weeks to recoup. We also managed to make a bit of money and get some transportation in the deal.

Tale 05: Company for Cash and Caves of Goblins P1
Session on 31 December 2012

Last Session of the year.
Having an adventuring company to further our goals has been helpful, Killing Goblins in the mines and caves we’re currently in hasn’t been as profitable as one would think. Sean, the miner/metalurgist dwarf, we freed would think otherwise probably. After taking down a few of the green buggers we’re a bit out of breath which is stressful that we hear more coming towards us.

Tale 06: Company for Cash and Caves of Goblins P2
Session 6th of January 2012

I haven’t had much time to write about things from my previous adventure even though they happened sequentially. Harimor had been annointed under Torsten as a follower of the Light of the Lantern and Fallen Snow has been more brutish and uncivil than usual.

Tale 07: Inn of No Hope P1
Session from 13th of Jan 2013

By the time we got back to the keep most of our parties injuries were mended. Rikar and the Ravens had forgotten about us. Most of our wears wound need to be moved about the area, I did manage to sell the exceptional light shortsword we had found in our loot before we left since Torsten donated most of our weapons to the Keep while I discussed bounties with Fallen along. Suppliedly she didn’t trust me to get a fair price and share it with the rest of the group. I thought likewise since I didn’t think she’d know how to get a fair price. After getting a few things around the keep we decided to go look for places to sell our wares. On our way back with a light rain that’s when the downpour happened. Rain and misfortune seemed to pour down on us.

Tale 9: Erie Mountain Lights Part 1

Erymos had come down with the flu falling into a near death coma it seemed. Afterwards everything seemed pretty hazy and the party recounted to him what had happened even though he was there. (I missed a session)

Tale 10: Erie Mountain Lights Part 2

The third day came and little did I wake from my it knowing how much we would gamble with our own lives. Or be seeing our grisly yet useful guide for the last time. We hadn’t been taken out of the pan and into the fire. We had decided voluntarily, some more than others, to play with the embers and see how they flickered and blazed.

Tale 11: Erie Mountain Lights Part 3

Gambling, it what one does when they’re desperate and or greedy. We as adventurers seem to have a great thirst for gambling. As we stood and sat around the bloodied altar we had to take a breather, the last hour seemed like days. Also everyone looked at me funny when I was measuring the high orc’s heads. They were large even for orcs so there had to be a good bounty coming our way.


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