Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 37: Quest for the Holy Sword p1
Are you a Werewolf?

After getting back from their consultation with Zorth in how one goes about fighting demons Torsten is moved to an administative position in his order to deal with the charges brought against the two sons of a proved to be undead Lord Noble. Fallen skips town after racking up a debt at several high end establishments not having hte money to pay her tab and opts to go off to find her brothers and words on Hadrien. Erymos with the proper ingredients and experimentation almost blows up a building but manages to get in entry in for the Magical Cooking Contest which wins (winning dish: Extraplanar Magical Brownies). While gaining some fame and reknown locally for his win he opts to name limited edition the dish at his resturant after the second place winner a noble elf with mechincal birds. Erymos simply explained to patrons he didn’t feel naming the dish after himself would be right, also the runner up didn’t have a bad idea for a dish it just wasn’t the best. While Erymos would smile and explain it was in honor of the runner up higher social end circles whispered of it being an open handed slap to the supposed rival to come back when he’s learn a thing or two.

With the agenda of administrative duties to the business owned collectively by the party and Erymos personal business just barely floating on the median of making enough profit to sustain themselves the group opts to discuss what to do for their next series of actions. With Fallen gone with the first magical weapon the group had encountered Erymos opts to say she forfieted any lost payouts from the party slush fund. Harrimore and Erymos agree that finding a holy sword of undead smiting would be beneficial in taking down the two sons at which point they would gain local traction to mount an offensive against Hadrien to put Lord Rayiford back rightfully into his position as ruler of Frandor’s Keep. Gottri and Grunk the Magnificent come along for the trek to the lands to the east for the possiblity of spoils.

After sending money back to pay for damages his Owlbeasts caused when getting loose from the ranch during a couple mishaps the team opts for their next Champaign. Finding a holy sword. The party gets sidetracked by a Lord turned into a Werewolf plus his rentinue that needed cleansing. After cleansing also known as killing and burning the party send word back to the capital to send in some people to secure the town and start work on reconstruction if possible. Commendeering the wine collection of the Lord turned evil which is withing the rights of the adventuring paryt legally gets put into use for a side venture of the Lantern of Light’s templars coming up splitting the supply 1/2 for religious occasions and functions, the other half to be sold at Erymos’s Inn with the party getting a share of the profits. Reaching their destination, the town closest the burial site the party finds what seems to be a boom town of people with the local discovery already into play. The party trying to get a handle on the situation on what to do since someone else may have already dug up and raided the tomb. The idea the sword might be getting hawked at the bazaar for 8 silver also comes up disturbing Harrimore rightfully so.

With thoughts of possibly hiring on a cleric to assist them in their current endevours a possible switch up of contractors come to mind since Gottri and Grunk see large opportunities to make some serious coin versus just dispensing Justice.

Tale 36: Disabling Evil from the Tribe to an Army

With the small group down the party investiagted the cave for clues. Finding out the Giants were on hire to someone refered to as the ‘Storm Queen’ the party opts to track down her or at least scout out the area she is in to find out what she is exactly. Mostly because it was closer and it would be a pain to go back to Zorth tell him what we knew and go back to the area we could just as easily go to now and save time and resources. A small village close by was the waypoint the party used since it had been several weeks since they had slept indoors now.

Finding the local innkeeper the talkative type they find the area has had odd weather and Erymos starts going into theories on the weather being affected by the ‘Storm Queen’ the group opts to have a talk with the local mage in town as well. Over some tea and pastries the group learns of the man’s theory that this "Storm Queen’ has gotten into her possession something called the Gem of the Great beyond an evil gem that has the ability to bring people back from the dead that have a great need for revenge, usually the malicious type and rip rifts between the world of the dead and ours as they come back through. It varies by race since a human might come back to a city while an elf or nymph might come back in the middle of a forest. The ritual is not precise but is definitely evil. The group opted to hire the mage to do research into who might the Storm Queen actually be, due to his theory who ever they were they probably had possession of the gem and the weather is probably a side effect of ritual.

With the mage hired to do research into the history of the area to find out who the Storm Queen is for the party the team decides to resupply their spent supply of oil from the Trolls and rations since they have been trekking through the wilderness for some time now. The following morning over breakfast an odd cloud comes in against the wind. Erymos moves to the window letting the group know it is unnatural. The rest don’t need him to explain since large blobs of reddish goo hit the ground and houses as lightning strikes nearby hills. From the screams of the townsfolk it is found out to not only be odd weather but dangerous as Erymos pokes a blob close to the front door with his staff and explains the ‘blast thing’ is acid shaking the tip of his staff and frowning. He is able to get a small ammount into a glass vial. The group tries to set one of the blobs outside on fire as Torsten realizes what they are. Immune to fire and cold the odd creatures take more damage from Hacking or Piercing versus bludgeoning. The party tried to figure out a game plan when a large blob falls from the roof down into the main hall area in the middle of the group. Erymos as usual screams, fearful for his life.

As the large blob attacks Grunk his armor it starts to sizzle. Fallen hacks off a part of the creature before Grunk snaps slashing at the beast and he vaulted over it flinging it into the wall partially as another half melts on the floor. As the rest of the group watches in silence the half-orc still gripping his glaive snarls at the melting beast still panting from the sudden explosive rage that came over him. He mumbled about his armor until Erymos gingerly stepped closer to cast Repair on the armor. Looking to their weapons Erymos does the same since they are slightly melt as if used to stir acid.

Harrimore looked to the choas still outside whistling for Hoofcrest. Between Harrimore and Erymos getting a large mass of metal in the form of an anvil and dropping it while tied to a rope so he could hoist it back up. A sudden large impact on smaller blobs would probably disable them. Erymos and the other get people out of the way through directing them out of danger or using rope charm to make rope ladders out of areas where the people can’t escape.

As the crisis is averted the town looks to the party to figure out what was going on. Erymos advised them to take stock of the town and people to see if anyone is injured or missing and repairs that needed to be done immediately. Harrimore asked if the town had this kind of thing happening often or if they were cursed. When they said they had no idea why it would happen Torsten stepped forth explaining the Warriors of Light underr the guidance of The Lantern would bring peace back and banish this plight from the land. The group moves to the Mage’s house to make sure he was okay. As they made their way up the hill several gaints seemed to step out of no where. Erymos whistled since they were large for Giants.

The gave the party a warning that if they wanted to not see the town destroyed or be killed they’d leave well enough alone. In ormonate patterned Heavy armor they waited for the groups response to stay clear. As the emissaries of the Storm Queen as they explained the group fell silent taking in the sight. Harrimore asked who it was she seeked vengence on. The Giants looked at each other before suddenly roaring and charging the group. It was unclear if they took the question as a sign of not leaving or if they were just confused realizing they didn’t know and in their frustration opted to just attack.

Fallen and Gottri were the first to rush towards the Giants, Grunk following. As Fallen hacked into one Giant she was backhanded and buffeted into the air. Grunk got knocked into the air as well one of the Gaints coming up to squash him while he was trying to pull out a potion to drink after a massive blow. Harrimore and Hoofcrest battles one on one versus one of the four giants. It was a hectic and bloody battle, Big John taunting the giants the most getting on to actually chance him. The numbers slowly fell before the group found themselves over the bodies of several Giants. The idea to cut their heads off came to mind as well.

With the party mostly healed they stagger up into the mage’s house who was watching the whole event. Using his house as a base they find he had potions of healing which the party opt to buy out and use immediately. Mostly healed up or fully healed up he updates them on the research. He found it was interesting that he found tale of a female Storm Giant soceress in the area who collected birds, a bird maven by the name of Veracus who lived with the Cloud Giant and wizard Zorth, she had her bird eaten by a large number of cats and disappeared or died under unnormal circumstances. Erymos sighed slapping a palm into his face holding up his head as his eyes closed and his brow furrowed. He pointed out into an area he thinks she would probably be.

We had concerns about getting involved with a domestic dispute but having an orb that caused tears in the plane of the living mortal word to let out evil negative spirits had us opting to go hunt her down and send her back over to the other side. The mage was curious how we’d get up to her fortress to which we explained we had potions of flight.

A scouting of the area with from Hoofcrest, Harrimore, and Gottri let the people know of the general layout. Several giants on the backs of massive eagles let the team know they’ll need to go in quietly. Since Gottri noticed they were wearing amulets Erymos figured it was why they were able to ride through the clouds without getting eletrocuted.
With the possibility of a confrontation everyone knew where to aim. With the plan set to invisibly fly up to the barge she was on floating in the clouds initially set the team took to gathering their weapons so Torsten could bless them, Gottri having a seperate invisbility spell on him so he could position the lightning rods. With another one setup on Hoofcrest and Harrimore when he came back the group stuck to Erymos to stick together as Harrimore counted down for them to get into place.

Flickering out of no where Harrimore in mid air on Hoofcrest challenged the woman to feel the wrath of the Lantern. Writhing in a pool of slimy white souls she stood in the pool of the White Walkers, the lost souls. Torsten cast a spell to silence the sorceress as Harrimore charged her as she was attacked from the front and the back. Her sword hilt began to glow from a spell Erymos cast to heat the hilt making her decide to keep fighting with it or drop it. She screamed in rage and pain but it came out as nothing more then a rasp.

As the fight moved on someone noticed the dragon flying through the air long the starboard side. As she jumped into the air to escape us and try to reach out to the dragon Harrimore jumped up slashing her the final time before she fell lifeless to the ground the orb falling from her hand. With the souls being sucked into the air Erymos suddenly not sure exactly took some advice from Torsten on evil things and just yelled for someone to smash it. As it shatters Torsten and Harrimore each sweep up half the shards and nod to each other not wanting the remnants of evil to have a chance to combine again fully. The party stops to see Fallen swinning the Storm Giants sword around with a smile on her face. Noticing us looking at us we shake our heads as she just says ‘What?’.

With the thought of destroying the ship coming to mind for some they fly down under the ship and notice an area that is probably the dragon’s layer and see treasure. Opting to allocate found resources and run for now the group snatch up a few things and take off.

Zorth is stunned to find out who was trying to kill him. Afterwhich he gave the adventurers some some items or information the party made their way back to the Capitol

4500xp awarded
+12 Honor

Grunk’s Payout 5992 Silver pieces aka (75pounds of money)

Tale 35: How to stare down a Hill Giant on a dinosaur mount

Facing a Giant on a dinosaur was a new expereince for the group. While being charged the group spread out to disable the Giant’s Mount after it knocks Grunk into the air. The battle turned in the group’s favor when Harrimore charged the beast from behind impaling in from behind getting it to faceplant as the Giant rolled out of the way from the beast falling on top of her.

With the group surrounding her squared off Gottri went to finish off the mount that was still moving slightly. Slowly the party widdled her down until she finally stopped moving Torsten sighing one of his spells finally taking effect. As she went rigid the party was about to move in when Gottri rushed past covered in reptilian blood as he climbed up between the Giant and the wall to latch onto her shoulder. He simply said ‘Got it’ as his sword flashed before being thrust into her neck slowly working through from one side to the other. The party finally done turn to see the remains of the Giant raiding group leaving.

Harrimore pulled his lance free and sighed since it was slightly dented and warped. Erymos muttered something and tapped the lance before he flashed looking as new suddenly as when it was first delivered to the knight. Harrimore nodded in appreciation and slight surprise at the mage’s usefulness. The party finally finished have a discussion with the Cloud Giant, Zorth the Sky Mage.

Erymos goes with elemental servants of the Sky Mage to prepare the dead mount for a feast while the rest go with Zorth to his workshop where he gives the party a box of blue healing elixers. Torsten talked remembering about the pitch from Erymos that they might get assistance in fighting demons with magical weapons and explains of Valmore the Wicked and wondered if the Mage could do something to assist them in their fight against demons. The Mage not being to current on events since it had happened only a few weeks ago offered to silver their weapons. Harrimore asked about a sword he had been researching. The mage seemed to know the location and mentioned as such offering to make a map later if Harrimore would like after helping with the Sky Mage’s problem. Harrimore brought up the topic of Alimera and her late father to which it was surprising that the Mage was actually more up to date on the subject then most. Supposedly the man is not dead but wandering about as a beggar in disguise in the local area.

Finding out Zorth had several optical devices and telescopes Erymos pulls out several books he had been carrying on such things sparking a memory for Torsten suddenly asking if they’re the evil books from the island where people were turning into fish people. Erymos explain they weren’t and they were the books they used to defeat said evil. Threats to toss the books in the fire were thrown out to which Erymos asked Zorth if they were truely evil. He didn’t want to remind Torsten trying to burn a book make of copper with the pages etched wouldn’t probably take a while but he opted to wait since Zorth explained the books were not technically evil.

We discuss the Frost Giant that got away and Erymos gave Zorth the Ice Demon essence he acquired after they were slayed in hopes he could track him down to be smited in the name of the Lantern. The Sky Mage warns us of a young dragon or two in the area. Torsten thinks he’s joking since they are just legends and states as such. Looking to the rest of us he rephrases it to if we think we see something large in the sky to run and hide and do not draw it’s ire.

The next day with silvered weapons the group follow the trail of the Giants or rather the destructive wake of their path to the Sky Tower. Small settlements seemed to have been sacked along the way. Erymos stopping at the first stating they should bury the dead further delaying the trek as there were several settlements along the way and a lot of bodies to bury. When we were about three days into the trek someone spotted something in the air Erymos explained it was a good time to hide now. Torsten wondering what it was opted to do the same even with the realization dragons may not ‘just be legends’.

Eventually the party sees an encampment of Giants as well as a cave. After scouting and grabbing local herbs the party starts to devise a game plan for the attack. Erymos thinks he has enough for two doses of Giant knockout potions or poison he’s not really sure on the math since they are larger he’ll opt towards someone ending up dead from a sleeping mixture is okay since they’re evil. With Gotri not wanting to scout the cave Erymos offers to turn him invisible until he gets back or attacks someone. While he’s gone Torsten asks about the limits to the spell for the group. Erymos explains it was possible to turn the whole group invisible if we stayed close together. Torsten added he could hush noise in a small area as well. After the first day the plan had ironed out a possibly tactically sound plan for a change.

With Gottri back he reads off the report of what we were up against. Six Giants outside, a Cyclops shaman, Giant Cheiftan, and four Troll slaves. With two spheres of invisibility going and the Hust spell cast as they got to the cave on a stone the group bypass the Giants outside and the Trolls mostly asleep. The cyclops still away eating is left while Gottri is sent in to the Cheiftan’s cave with a dose of poison while invisible. The part attacks the Cyclops coming out of being invisiblity and attacking in unison making quick work of them. Gottri moves to check on the Cheiftain coming back to explain his throat was open with a smirk. Meanwhile the rest dealt with the Trolls who were still moving about even when hacked up. Big John pulled pieces into a pile while Erymos continued to fight after yelling out the order along with the rest until there were no living Trolls and bodies were dragged together. A snap of his fingers had a spark of flame dancing down to the oil overed bodies and the six giants outside came barreling in finally. Torsten entranced three of the six saying as he did it he’d be out of the fight though. The rest took on the three giants in the cave entrance bottlenecking them into a choke point until one of them fell and the thirst finally got into combat. The rest of the party besides Harrimore attacked the other three in a beast like form of fury.

As the smokes cleared out of the cave the party went back in to investigate.

Tale 34: Death for Dishonor and Up in the clouds

Harrimore has mixed feelings of fighting for sport or a game versus actual combat after the group tournament and goes to see the Wicked rival for the joust competition the following day. This escalates the party finds out as Harrimore comes back tithing his enitre monitary fortune to the church and the team finds out the joust will be a fight to the death now due to an insult to Harrimore and his church. The group having done a bit of freindly banter with the losers of the party combat event fall silent and sober for thinking of the event for the next day.

Gottri having had a lot of time to not be in events had started taking bets on who would win. Torsten suggesting putting the entirety of the companies funds a bet showing faith in Harrimore. Gottri in the middle of the bets agreed, Harrimore mostly silent deemed if Torsten thought it was a good idea he had no quams. Erymos always the odd ball pulled out a counting device and kept muttering numbers and asking Gottri the odds. After mentioning his business was doing well he agreed as well much to Fallen’s horror as she yelled at the rest about their level of stupidity and storming off. The team didn’t seem to pay it much mind since there was a typical thing with the young lady.

In a fight to the death supposedly some feel the option of surrendering is still viable. Harrimore standing and his combatant falling to the sand of the battle arena clutching his neck collapsing to the ground. It was later found out the Wicked noble had planted a conspirator to help him cheat. They found out worshiped demons and was drinking the blood of children. All around he wasn’t loved by the people who worked for him Harrimore still had feelings of dispair since as a fellow knight he found the man’s evil acts too horrific.

Erymos in a public relations buffering had rumors spreading and gossip floating off the tongues of people throughout the city that it was speculated Harrimore knew and it was a way to proove the evil man’s deeds. With the villa in the city ransacked by servants and sanctified by the church discussions come up of seige of his castle and intergation of his two sons from Torsten and Harrimore. Torsten’s teacher seemed a bit stressed and had to specifically tell them they were not allowed to go to the castle and raze it or drag the offspring back here in chains.

In the meantime though Erymos had a side project for his own event he needed the team to assist him with. All they needed to do was talk to a Storm Giant. The first question of if he was evil seemed to be asked by Torsten and Harrimore. Stating he wasn’t was recieved with disbelief. Adding in most Storm Giants weren’t soceerers either possible didn’t help since they probably envisioned Erymos only larger. He had their buy in since the Giant may have knowledge into demon banishment, also he stated he’d like to swop recipes with the possible colleage. The entire team turned but said nothing. They had grown too accustomed to Erymos’s ecentricities by now. Grunk the Magnificient was hired on as well taking a 1/6 of what ever treasure was had. Erymos agreed since mostly they were going to get intel and swop recipes. This just confused the towering half orc until Erymos asked about if he had any special food concerns for the trip. He scoffed simply saying meat but added with a smile that he’d love it if they had room for the ‘delightful’ cheese they served at the inn no one else in the city seemed to have. Big John stated he’s be accompanying Fallen since he was part of the team too. Fallen ordered him to get her another glass of wine before he was off again running errands.

The enlarged group embarked on a trip north with Erymos taking notes and sketching drawings constantly muttering about the logistics of the trip, the condition of the roads, and scribbling numbers down constantly whining as usual about fortified resting points, inns, taverns, and toll stations if the roads were better and the income it would generate. The rest of the group seemed to be use to dismissing his odd quirks by now although Grunk and Big John exhanged a look of wondering about the man’s sanity.

The party making it up the trails into the mountains once the road was done eventually found themselves sneaking up on the back end of an invasion into the council. Always odd Erymos stated this was a good thing since it was a great way to offer introductions and request help, being a savior supposedly would have that effect. With most of the forces inside the group sees a single hill giant with massive hammer gloves, quite possibly the ‘seige weapon’ of the attacking forces. With the team rushing towards him, Fallen was the first into combat and the first to fall. Grunk and Big John seemed at odds how the rest of the party opperated jeering and asking Fallen if she was going to get up as the battle ensued. Harrimore swooping in on Hoofcrest through stopped the fight as the Giant flew off the bridge from the impact of the attack. Erymos looked around and let everyone know the hammers must have been special to knock down the wall so easily but it was a good thing they were below since none of them could probably carry them and it’d be easier to pick them up later.

Opting to bypass the charging forces of the invasion the group found their way inside and found a cat that talked explaining it was the master of the castle and the Frost Giant Erymos was seeking, as the castle shook it was requested of them to find out what was breaking the foundation. Erymos reminded that favors didn’t come cheap but agreed since if they detroyed the foundation the entire group on both sides would die.

Finding clouds at the bottom of the stairs in the basement was odd enough, seeing a frost giant and two demons mad of ice was event weirder. Erymos watched Gottri peg one of the demons in the back with a crossbow bolt. The giant in a daze had Erymos yelling out to clear a line as he let loose a long streak of lightening from his fingertips. as the closest one aware of what was going on from the bolt shot at him moved out of the way he didn’t take as much damage as the others. Erymos stumbled saying he felt like someone had just kicked him in the stomach. Big john called him a pansy as the rest of the group charged into combat. Harrimore moved to the far end bypassing the daze Frost Giant and headed for the demon furthest away. The rest of the party fought the demon after Fallen was knocked on her rear again being the first one on scene.

Big John in a flurry managed to assist one of the party members and groin stomped a demon to which everyone found out from the scream did indeed have balls to stomp. Plus the small man attacked him, Gottri assisted taking advance and stabbed his blade into the demons back. Grunk between at least two of the monsters constantly seemed to ward off attacks quiet well and lived up to his name, the team dispatched the two demons but the Frost Giant got away. The cat meet them at the top of the stairs and led them to the mass battle between Giants.

Zoarth was on standing on the palm of a statue of himselve raining down fire and lightening on the remaining attackers. Seeing one of the Giants turning there way Erymos had enough time to put a translate spell into effect. He did it in time to hear the female Gaint atop of the massive lizard mount, “Deal with the mage, I will deal with this small intrusion” before she spurred her mount towards the group. Erymos let everyone know she was going to try and kill them in case anyone was confused. And they needed to kill her first.

Tale 33: Clash with the Tiny Titan

The group turn in the sole surivor from the assassin group.
Fallen almost bludgeons a merchant noble’s son
The party have a court date next week involving the assassin
Torsten and Erymos exhaust their time before the tournament
Trying to research the cult which brings up the history
And the use of a necrotic powder in the poision
Erymos thinks a discussion and joint operation with the church that took out the cult before
With using the intel on the powder that makes zombies as a selling point for an appointment
Something is setup after the party combat event
Drinks with the Mercenary Captain are postponed due to business
The group make a grand entrance for the group fighting event
Although battered the Warriors of Light are victorious
Big John asks Fallen to hire him on since she bested him
Erymos thinks he’s sweet on her now.

Tale 32: Rise of the Haters

The Cathedral of Light (The Lantern) has put the converted villagers to work as a buffed up Night Watch, patrolling the countryside for any signs of Undead activity. The other temples have taken notice of this increased activity and it has led to a friendly(?) rivalry of sorts. All the temples have been out in force, preaching is on the rise, and there have been some brawls between lay members of the different churches.

The Courts of Justice (LG), The Face of the Free (CG) and The Temple of the Patient Arrow (CG) have been particularly spirited in challenging members of the Lantern to mock combats and other sporting events.

Sir Harimor has recruited three protégées, followers who have sworn a personal oath of loyalty to him and to the Cathedral of Light. They are three young Fhokki brothers: Lokkur, Mantak and Ragil. Any others who are interested in cultivating a mentor-mentee relationship, let me know.

Erymos has purchased and is now operating a fine-dining tavern called The Flying Pegasus. He has hired a top-flight Elven chef to oversee the food preparation and wine selection. Some of the best vintages are now available at outrageously marked up prices, which the upper crust are more than happy to pay.

The high quality weapons and armor that you commissioned have been prepared and will be unveiled at a special ceremony held at the Flying Pegasus. Mostly Erymos’ idea to generate more money at his place.

After the ceremony a dwarf by the name Orin Ironshield seemed interested in the weaponry and armor to be displayed. A human middle aged man by the name Mark Karkin was there as well a Captain of a mercenary company living out of the Merchant’s District invite the party over for cocktails the following evening.

Harrimore has learned a man by the name Voltem the Wicked has been going around telling people the stories of Sir Harrimore seem fictious and he wonders why someone of such great honor would surround themselves with so many people of ill repute.

Gottri finds himself being shaken down for extra money by the Theives’ guildmaster.

Erymos hears word of an Elven Mage by the name Darius Trueblood who has spread tales of Erymos not being as good of a mage as he claims to be also that he is nothing more than a country bumpkin trying to weasel his way into the upper crust of society. While it all might be true Erymos think it in bad taste it be made apparent.

Fallen sees dipictions around the city of a man by the name of Big John and her in compromising positions which not only embarasses her but infuriates her.

After the cermony the team has finally gotten together for the first time in the past several monthes to talk shop and status their investigation. Erymos thinks his plan to have bards sing a catchy advertisement for a new ale, ‘Silver Lullabye Ale’, with the hidden message to find him at the Flying Pegasus has paid off since he lets the group know they have a meet up at midnight to see a possible contact in regards to the Court in Exile.

The group discuss the Spring Festival that is about to start and talks of going to sign up for some events is decided upon with Erymos excited yammering along about a new special spring menu for the event to drum up more sales.

Harrimore meets Voltem the Wicked, who his followers have found out to be a knight lord owning a large swath of land who’s name comes from his brutal and crew manners in dealing with his peasants. He shows their research to be true as he shows up to the sign up pavilion in a decadent black carriage where six pages come out and lay on the ground so the man does not have to walk with the commoners. He beckons Harrimore over after signing up to scoff and make light of the rabble around him. Promises to defame Harrimore in combat are made and Harrimore can’t stand the way Voltem treats his people offering to pay them triple and quintiple the salary they currently have. While the idea perk many an ear they do not take him up on it either due to fear of their master or not being free men.

Torsten’s neighboring church associates make claims during the team combat. Spurring him to enter us in although the group has contentions.

Erymos meets Darius Trueblood calling out to him as David Anemia or something since he isn’t important. He plays the part of a crass human make light of the witty insults with vulgarity and claims to bedding Lady Trueblood, Darius’ mother. Oddly enough though he used the time to pull out an assessment of the Elven mage, great fashion taste with a saphire blue robe gilded in silver with a matching staff, mechanical birds move around him which in truth Erymos is a bit jealous of. He does realize though since the claims the Darius made are mostly based on legacy accomplishments such as status of someone born into their status and heritage in magic. Erymos plans to use his time as an adventurer and mad man like thirst for knowledge the party usually declares often naive versus worrying about his own surviveability to show superiority off of sweat equity to get to where he is.

Fallen finally meets Big John who turns out to be a gnome titan. He makes like they are having a lover’s quarrel when Fallen threatens to wear him like a shoe from the ass kicking he’s about to get. He turns to physical threats when Erymos steps in to defend Fallen’s honor flustered by the coy words. Signing up for Team combat Fallen signs up the group causing Torsten to ask why it was suddenly okay. Fallen yells at him incoherently not able to fully explain why and stops off.

Erymos notices ‘Big John’ talking to some kids to go put up some more pictures of Fallen. Erymos outbids him and has the kids put up drawings of ‘Big John’ getting compromised by a large rabbit with the wording reading Big John with a question mark. The kids might not do anything since he opted to pay them up front but the best one getting a gold might spur them in their creative ways. Erymos reminds Fallen she still needs to pay her tab at the Inn immediately after the kids leave (it’s about 3 gold).

The group meets Grunk the Mighty an Oiled up Orc hefting a two handed great battle ax signing up for Wrestling and Infantry combat.

The group learns of the Game Master of Ceremonies being Kozdin a man of just and fair standing so they don’t think there will be any foul play at least from the judge of the competions.

The group make a pitstop since they hadn’t talked to the Human Alchemist they had hired and looked to see what he had available. Out of his stock 5 potions of cure disease, 5 potions of cure poison, and 9 greater healing potions he was surprised when Erymos asked the group since they had the money to buy everything if they agreed. The man was a bit surprised when they put down potion sling holders and bought his entire stock and thanked him. Mention to send word when he had more had him muttering about mass production and effectiveness of components it seemed when Erymos got him into a sidebar about anything particular he might need.

Gottri went back to take a nap, the team meet up with a contact that night to find out about Alimera. Erymos recieved a letter which got a slight smile and a sad look on his face before Gottri let the group know something was up. when the contact a young man by the name of Velsin, the son of a merchant said “They’ve found us out” Combat ensued. Five ogre assassins or skirmish raiders, the group wasn’t sure yet attacked in a rush since they had been found out and didn’t see the point on trying to sneak up on us anymore. Fallen and Gottri ended up going down due to poisons and Erymos found himself facing off against a deadly assassin by himself after two of the agressors were down. Backing through stalls he founds himself playing mental games telling the Ogre in Orc that they were working for the same master. Confusion on his face has the ill equiped mage deflecting the blow in martial combat before a green bolt splattered the Ogre’s upper body on the streets and one behind him. Knocking the second one twenty feet back and unconscious. Erymos took to administering the newly procured poison antidotes to Gottri and got him up pointing at a large Orge back to stab before moving onto Fallen.

With the last three living ogre down Harrimore readied his blade to decapitate the lot while Torsten opted to show mercy and take then to the proper authorities. While getting Fallen to drink the potion antidote Erymos did advice it could work either way, killing them in the heat of battle would be self defense. Stripping them of weapons and binding them was technically the ‘lawful’ thing to do and he did agree with Torsten that they needed answers. With Fallen up and about her and Gottri intergated Velsin with Fallen picking him up off the ground. Harrimore, Torsten, and Erymos took to disarm and bind the Ogre to take to the proper authority.

The party is signed up for Team Combat
Harrimore for Infantry and Mounted Combat
Erymos for Creative Magic Competion
Gottri Obstacle Course (maybe)
Fallen is at -3 honor temporary lost due to ‘Big John’s’ antics.

Tale 31: Evil Gods and Sea Shells by the Sea Shore P3

The party found themselves moving through the structures under the island in it’s catacombs when they came to a water filled tunnel. Torsten didn’t think it was right either due to him forgetting something or it just looking off to him and he started searching around. Imagine our suprise when he throw a rock at a wall and it passed through, a scream from the other side dropped the illusion and a horrific floating beast like fish with tentacles attacked the group. In the melee Torsten noticed Fallen trying to kill him and Erymos pitifully screamed from against the wall in the back as Gottri tried to kill him as well. Once free of their mental domination Fallen and Gottri joined Harrimore and Hoofcrest as Torsten started chanting. Back on his feet Erymos cast a spell that sapped the creatures strength causing Harrimore to yell out that the creature was loosing steam and to redouble their efforts. Erymos always the slacker of the group opted to try and find a potion since even in a weakened state he was still a formidable foe for Erymos. As the prayer ended the creature attempted to emit another pychic scream but found it more of a whisper. With it’s strength and mental powers disabled the party took to hacking the creature to death eventually causing it to attempt to flee. Erymos got the final shot in as the group took parting slashes at the retreating beast. It exploded in green flames inches from the water one of it’s tentacles reaching out in vain still enfeebled.

The party rested and found the water recending out as they entered. Fallen wanted to get into a conversation with the wizard and Torsten tried to argue the point. Erymos seeing this breakdown in their fights before yelled out “Evil Fish Wizard Kill him NOW!” getting the party into action even if it was a bluff. The party eventually defeated him and Torsten wanted to start bashing his equipment. Gottri, Fallen, and Erymos wanted to save his work since they could be cured as well as the townsfolk.

Erymos made a promise to tell Torsten of any evil magic he found so they could burn any bad ju ju magic together (mostly Erymos agreed since it meant Torsten was going to have to protect him). The group made it back to the village and set to work curing the villagers. Between Erymos and potions of transformation from the wizards notes and Torsten’s healing hands the village was changed back to all human and saw the light of the lantern. So powerful was Torsten’s sermons though the people set fire to the village after packing up their belongings and set warning on the rocks and pictures of lanterns before declaring they would follow Torsten officially making him a Roaming Clearic Warrior of the Lantern, complete with flock.

Tale 30: Evil Gods and Sea Shells by the Sea Shore P2

The party first went to the Silver pools which turned out to be a grave yard Torsten got into a morale philosophical argument with Erymos on using the recently decessed as a source of power for the odd machines at the site to find out how to stop the machines on the island via the book he picked up in the abandoned library ealier. Torsten, Harrimore, Gottri and Hoofcrest opted after the first two hours to find more pressing issues to investigate, an Aquarium made of mud, algae, and water forming a building over it with an odd murky globe in the water no one wanted to touch was investigated besides the odd murky ball fish jumping around through water pathes and the many paintings on the inside walls of the structure it was pretty normal possibly for a building made to stand that shouldn’t be, Torsten and crew told Erymos and Fallen when they meet back up after the lectures of an odd structure constantly shedding chitanous scales, Erymos asked excitedly if they had picked up a sample to which they explained they were adventurers here to save people not document every little thing on the island. They went to an excavation site where the party freed enslaved fish people from the village only to find out they were being controlled mentally and tried to attack the group and the observatory which later upon modifying almost killed Erymos due to a trap but from his calculations it would hinder the evil mechanications of the island.

All that was left was a large structure in the middle of the island that lead down into stagnant waters and the party encountered for lack of a better/proper name a poisonous man crab that almost decapitated Harrimore before the group killed it and found time to rest afterwards.

Tale 29: Evil Gods and Sea Shells by the Sea Shore P1

Hugging the shoreline we were making our way to the capital along a coastal road overlooking a rather large bay when we saw a man in the surf screaming for help. Actually I should rephrase that he was running away from crabs the size of a barren after having jumped out of the remains of a boat they had turned into what would have been driftwood on a good day. Harrimore banked and veered down to save the man as a fog started to roll in causing Fallen skidding to a halt and yelling out to be mindful of the fog. Tossing the man a rope he leapt onto it screaming and kicking as the crabs jumped out of the water trying to get a final snip in at his legs. Fortunately they hadn’t so they would have to worry about the man being one leg less than when we started to try and save him. With an ominous looking fog rolling in Fallen started running back to the cart about the same time Torsten had finally hoofed it out to her. She yelled out the fog might be bad to which Erymos added with a question if she meant that it might be hiding something dangerous or just filled with acid. Fallen getting on her horse would vent as usual why someone would think up something so dangerous and bizarre. She thought Erymos would answer but he seemed busy writing down the idea making a note on how to create an acidic cloud of fog.

With the man on solid land again a simple thanks for saving him was dismissed by the man instead he decided to rant about us going to help the People of Black Cove immediately. Harrimore was the first to ask for more details into why to the man who seemed to be increasingly agitated and possibly insane. Black Cove the town he was pointing towards by the bay it seemed has had several people abducted by shambling things from the dark and the deep in the sea. The town of Black Cove seemed to be pretty secluded and something the party probably would have missed from the road had they not had a partially daft man badgering them to save the town from some unknown evil entity from the sea. A lighthouse on the outskirts peeked out in the fog an almost supernatural red light. Fallen asked the man about the like, by now we had discovered him to be called Aldar. Unfortunately meeting someone who had never seen the sea and such things about it made explaining something he thought simple very complicated, although he did have time to make tongue and cheek slight insults to the warrior maiden.

He explained as we neared the town of how his wife, a local girl to his being an adventurer from the capital had been taken at the ‘Wedding Rock’ a place by local old custom newlyweds went to spend their first night. He stopped and asked Fallen if she needed him to explain what went on since she seemed a bit unknowing of certain things. In light of the situation everyone but Fallen had a good laugh with the mention of her saying she knew about ‘stuff’ before she blushed bright red. It was possibly a night to a few weeks ago since he had seen his wife. He offered to pay us with a comb he found. Erymos and Gottri seemed pretty excited but quickly dismissed the initial estimate since it was more of a niche item to have to sell off and grossly disvalued the possibly near priceless artifact.

As the party and Aldar arrived in town they found it graveyard quit with the fog rolling through the outskirts along the waterfront for their convenience. Fallen was going to ask Torsten something but he said he was way ahead of her as he pulled out his mace and shield saying we’ll kill them all. With the group wondering what was going on we quickly realized he had another lapse again not knowing what was going on again and assumed we were about to fight evil otherwise why would the rambunctious Fallen be talking to him openly. The idea of blessing weapons was on her mind which she spoke of but Harrimore dismissed the idea quickly. Fallen asked about how many people Aldar remembered seeing around to which he said the village was full when he left. Aldar run around at random. Harrimore yelled to see if anyone was still around; Gottri opted to move into the shadows as he did so. Fallen made suggestions of using Erymos’ unseen servant as a scout into the fog. He concluded though nothing really would be able to be discerned by such means since the daft little bugger couldn’t talk. Aldar got everyone attention holding up a man from in the alchemist’s shop to which Erymos was excited about possible acquisitions. A half man half fish wheezes as Aldar wretches him out of his hiding place inside the shop. Harrimore pulled his sword asking Torsten if it was evil to which Erymos screamed it was due to its offensive level of hideousness. As the group bickered a man of sorts stepped out from the fog to great us and almost got himself killed… then we realized what he looked like and we didn’t know which was worse his misuse of words or his appearance.

Between his inability to use words correctly and his obvious inability to converse due very few people having that level of patience most of the party was waiting for Fallen to backhand him. He spoke of the townpeople hiding in the lighthouse afraid of what comes from the sea for them. He spoke of Nokilos the town mayor and sheriff and quite possible someone who was easier to understand and converse with. The party grills him for questions. For the most part besides finding out we need to talk to someone smarter we found out Asmodeus is the god they worship as a sea god. Torsten palmed his face and sighed his other fist shaking. We asked the retorical question of if the god was evil and he nodded.

Torsten after some debating opted to convert the devil worshiping villagers versus killing them and burning the bodies. Soon afterwards we and the villagers in the light tower were attacked by tentacles from the sea. After the fight the villagers asked us to help them and make the abductions stop. We tasked them to break down the shrines to evil gods in the meantime while the group dead headed to the so called Wedding Rock.

Upon walking onto the shore the group besides Harrimore and Hoofcrest mutated from being on the rock. The party members each dealt with it differently.

Gottri scouted the area ahead, Harrimore let us know of the odd gravitational plates of land above from Hoofcrest’s back (eagle eye view)

Fallen fell down the stairs on the way up, Erymos in denial from his mutated web hands refused to climb saying the salt water had numbed his hand causing a grumbling Gottri to carry him up.

The group found Sarah, Aldar’s wife who somewhat explained things and gave us a better layout of the land where we might be interested in.

Tale 28: Demons and Deadmen

With the mage dead and sliding off Harrimore’s sword he lopped off the head. Erymos suggested tar since he hadn’t heard of anyone yet coming back from the dead with no head or a head covered in tar. The rest of the zombies are herding into a tar pit before the place is searched for clues to the others and the demon.

[Acquired items]

Outside the guards who waited in the freezing rains wait to find out what we found. We let them know the owner of the Middlestone Factory was dead, slain for his dark art ways of being a necromancer since he was using zombies as free labor. They seemed shocked not only by the rumors of the man dabbling in the arts of necromancy to be true but that he used zombies to cut down on labor costs. It is shocking when you think about it, they don’t sleep you can work them to death since they’re already dead. Moving along though we had the guards show us to the member that had last been seen held up in a church in the area.

The church dedicated to some god of truth or justice had seen better days. Torsten looking at the large front door kicked it in. Erymos commented they should have knocked to which Torsten reminded him he just did. The place seemed pretty vacant and sparce, a modest supply of food. The windows had been boarded up and the stained glass windows had X’s over them on the inside. The altar smelt of refuse and nothing else major was found besides a trapdoor leading down. The party figures this area might be the hiding place of the next man on our list.

Supposedly this man was known as a poisoner… that rumor has been verified mostly by Erymos and Fallen. Upon inspecting the area below the church we found a mostly vacant area we thought, besides the pool of water and rock pillar there were a few side pathes there was a passage down about five feet in diameter and a small table with what looked like achemist supplies. We were all inspecting around when Horrimore stumbled to the mouth of the hole and slide down a bit. Erymoss felt the sharp pain and hotness in his back. For those of you have been in combat have you ever had a situation where you got posioned? It’s not fun. The only thing worse then bleeding out and crappying yourself is not noticing cus you’re too busy convulsing in a odd state of paralysis.

Gottri shoved Erymos under a tabel before going to help Harrimore while Fallen and Torsten stalked the pusher and attacker who seemed to vanish everytime he finished attacking someone. Torsten was the first to see him for sure but not before the man put a dagger into Fallen’s back. As he tried to vanish he found it impossble as he tried to break free, in vain he shoved the paralyzed Fallen into the water which turned out to not be very shallow. Torsten moved by choice after her to free the drown partymember.

As the man tried to break free he turned to see Harrimore running towards him roaring about how the stunt of pushing him into the tunnel had lost him his best sword he roared as he grounded the guy before cutting off his head. Erymos comes to after Torsten heals the poison in his that had him turning purple and frothing at the mouth. Fortunately since he was better he opted to start vomitting blood while the rest searched the poisoner for an antidote to his posioner venom running through Fallen’s veins. Gottri finds something and waits for a go ahead before puring the concotion down Fallen’s through. Her eyes flutter open and is healed up. Potions are taken to to heal up and Erymos starts to access the damage to Fallen’s armor since it had been cut free of her so she didn’t die and drown. Meanwhile Harrimore retrieves his sword of choice. Another sword is found as well as several bodies.

[Captain of the Guard’s sword found, Captain of the Guard’s body found, town guards bodies found]

Erymos lets Fallen know that the good news is her armor is intact, the bad news is the latchings that were leather being cut need replacing and would probably take about three hours to fix. Grumbling she weighes into the leather armor of the headless poisoner. A few more items are found some are destroyed. Erymos, Thorsten, and Harrimore get into an arguement about poison and if it is or isn’t actually evil.

[Acquired items +3 Leater Armor, Poison destroyed]

The group, but mostly Erymos would like to know if there are any rumors about the last guy since the guy was a supposedly poisoner and the previous one a supposedly necromancer. Finding out beforehand if the last guy could shot fire out his bum would be great. The rumor of infernal experiments in the basement was solid infromation we found out. Harrimore having been sucked on by something, I’m not sure was it was or how to describe it besides big, green, and ugly. Torsten held a small ritual afterwards since Harrimore was a bit off before we continued.

Walking into a large room with a protection circle against demons from Eryomos’ deductions. As they moved Erymos heard someone whisper to him to die, the group moved in rapidly to hear Erymos gurgle before falling over. Dragged to the protection circle by Fallen and Harrimore Gottri was the first to mention someone had to be in here.
Several spells went off on Harrimore before the group decided to take to the stairs on the second floor. Several more spells hit and bounce off Harrimore and Torsten as well before the cleric figures it’s a good time to bail and starts to climb down to the first floor.

Erymos having woke up a little while ago and playing dead jumped up when the cleric was climbing down and whistled to him let him know it was his turn to die as green arcane fire flew through the eivl cleric causing him to fall the rest of the way as Erymos charged him. Torsten and Harrimor land ontop of the unconscious guy and lop off his head. Erymos takes a small pleasure in stomping on the headless corpse as he asked it repeated ’Who’s dead now!’. Fallen reminds them that they were going to keep him alive to ask questions the rest just seem to have been caught up in the moment. With a shuddering and wailing through the building Erymos suggested that now would be a good time to get inside the demon free protection zone.

As the large misshappen thing barreled in Erymos asked Torsten truthfully shoting poison at the thing would be kind of nice at the moment. Torsten scowled but didn’t say no or yes. Eventually the demon without anchor’s to the mortal realm faded out. Outside Erymos let the guards know that things were done.

Going back to the mayor the group was paid and the body under the church were indentified. The family of the Captian of the Guard give a small gesture towards finding him and his sword of a 100 gold. Erymos donates his share to a local craftman to help with the memorial for the fallen guards. Torsten agrees in getting together a team to sanctify the church, underground altar and caving in all the infernal areas.

Erymos cackles since someone has to pay for repairing Fallen’s platemail. Fallen thinks he meant her and she reminds him she dragged his ‘dead’ body around at the Asylum. He blinks and reminds her that the mayor agreed to pay for expenses in their contract… he also adds that might include free room and a good meal to which she’s happy about if the food is good.


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