Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 18: Wolf of Ash
28 May Session

Torsten had had enough of the discusion and the beating around the bush of the painter as he ripped down the painting and tossed it into the fire. We had found the paints and brushes were probably not the best of magic also. The painting had reeked of the evil that tainted it Torsten declaired causing Balapar screamed not to. This was the part of the night where it stopped being normal.

Tale 17: Frador's Keep Taken: Military Lockdown

Events of Episode 17
News spreads throughout the Keep that Lord Reyifor has taken ill and Prefect Ganitek has invoked emergency powers to rule Frandor’s Keep and the surrounding areas until Lord Reyifor recovers. The Adventurers of Light decided that this could not stand and formulated a plan to sneak into the Keep’s inner sanctum to liberate Lord Reyifor and deal with Prefect Ganitek once and for all.

Tale 15: Journey to the North Part 2: Three's a crowd, Nine is just asking for trouble

Place Holder for the three headed ettin beat down

Tale 14: Journey to the North Part 1: Hooves of Fury
Season 2.1

As I brush down Sugar Plum or Hoofcrest as he prefers to be called, to which I will begin to refer to him as, I’ve made a conclusion about evolution involving magical creatures, our advantage against normal creatures being our intelligence and ability to use tools is dwarfed by a sentient super natural and or magical creature. I have no idea what the situation was behind Hoofcrest that lead to his being captured but he either has several seasons of pent up agression for being imprisoned or if possible he’s from an elite line of warrior pegasus that train in disciplines of martial prowess and combat. The trip to the uncharted North had been mostly uneventful. Any time we had run into trouble though Hoofcrest gave several indications that started my line of thinking. Although you might roll your eyes thinking I jest this is the second time I’ve taken to bathing Hoofcrest to wash the the blood from his mane, hooves, and coat. I’m just glad he’s a lawfully good creature and he’s on our side.

Tale 13: Bell of the Ball and finding the Herald of Doom

The group makes their way back to the Fort and tells the Lord of the now vanquished army, the prophecy, and an insider to that inner circle of the empire’s merchants that might be the downfall of the whole kingdom. We cornered the foppish painter from our second job since he had done work and consorted with whoever had been controlling the orc army. The city guard had taken him in for questioning and we ended the week off with a banquet in our honor with the noble class of the fort.

Fallen put on a dress for the first time and was the Bell of the Ball, Erymos played a tune and sung about our their adventures, Dorin looked pretty good for a drastically overweight dwarf in a ‘very expensive’ tunic. Torsten and his acolyte looked wise and stately and Harimor rode in on Sugar Plus the pegasus who had been adorned with his own outfit for the occasion.

End of Season 1 of the Campaign.

Tale 12: Erie Mountain Lights Part 4

Made our way upstairs to main floor and decided we check up the 2nd and 3rd floor in case there were hostages (didn’t want to burn down the building if peopler were inside). Found out Alicia was the last of her group that was kidnapped, they were being sacrificed. Made our way upstairs and found paintings of an impeding doom (Balefor, that bastard, had painted them). A secret door was found with Terrance and his wovles in it. We killed his wolves and he begged for mercy. He promised to help us in exchange for his life.

We kill the rest of the guards and leave the archers on the building. We sneak into the bandit camp and Terrance kills Riker. He takes over as Raven Lord of the ‘Unkindness’ (group of ravens). Orcs on patrol come back and have a WTF moment at the lodge. Terrance pulls the contractor guard (outside the scope of his duties) plus whoever snuck in also murder Riekr so he had to take over. Ran sack Wolf tower (well Terrance and his men start it and he came in after all the initial heavy lifting was done. As the rest of the camp rushed us we defeated them. Terrance and five of his group were left to leave after they looted via the pact with Torsten and Harimore.

Oh yeah… Flipping flying horse named Sugar Plum (Hoofcrest) how awesome is that!

Note to self have a an arm from one of the raven’s with the tatoo on it.

Tale 11: Erie Mountain Lights Part 3

Gambling, it what one does when they’re desperate and or greedy. We as adventurers seem to have a great thirst for gambling. As we stood and sat around the bloodied altar we had to take a breather, the last hour seemed like days. Also everyone looked at me funny when I was measuring the high orc’s heads. They were large even for orcs so there had to be a good bounty coming our way.

Tale 10: Erie Mountain Lights Part 2

The third day came and little did I wake from my it knowing how much we would gamble with our own lives. Or be seeing our grisly yet useful guide for the last time. We hadn’t been taken out of the pan and into the fire. We had decided voluntarily, some more than others, to play with the embers and see how they flickered and blazed.

Tale 9: Erie Mountain Lights Part 1

Erymos had come down with the flu falling into a near death coma it seemed. Afterwards everything seemed pretty hazy and the party recounted to him what had happened even though he was there. (I missed a session)

Tale 07: Inn of No Hope P1
Session from 13th of Jan 2013

By the time we got back to the keep most of our parties injuries were mended. Rikar and the Ravens had forgotten about us. Most of our wears wound need to be moved about the area, I did manage to sell the exceptional light shortsword we had found in our loot before we left since Torsten donated most of our weapons to the Keep while I discussed bounties with Fallen along. Suppliedly she didn’t trust me to get a fair price and share it with the rest of the group. I thought likewise since I didn’t think she’d know how to get a fair price. After getting a few things around the keep we decided to go look for places to sell our wares. On our way back with a light rain that’s when the downpour happened. Rain and misfortune seemed to pour down on us.


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