Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 28: Demons and Deadmen

With the mage dead and sliding off Harrimore’s sword he lopped off the head. Erymos suggested tar since he hadn’t heard of anyone yet coming back from the dead with no head or a head covered in tar. The rest of the zombies are herding into a tar pit before the place is searched for clues to the others and the demon.

[Acquired items]

Outside the guards who waited in the freezing rains wait to find out what we found. We let them know the owner of the Middlestone Factory was dead, slain for his dark art ways of being a necromancer since he was using zombies as free labor. They seemed shocked not only by the rumors of the man dabbling in the arts of necromancy to be true but that he used zombies to cut down on labor costs. It is shocking when you think about it, they don’t sleep you can work them to death since they’re already dead. Moving along though we had the guards show us to the member that had last been seen held up in a church in the area.

The church dedicated to some god of truth or justice had seen better days. Torsten looking at the large front door kicked it in. Erymos commented they should have knocked to which Torsten reminded him he just did. The place seemed pretty vacant and sparce, a modest supply of food. The windows had been boarded up and the stained glass windows had X’s over them on the inside. The altar smelt of refuse and nothing else major was found besides a trapdoor leading down. The party figures this area might be the hiding place of the next man on our list.

Supposedly this man was known as a poisoner… that rumor has been verified mostly by Erymos and Fallen. Upon inspecting the area below the church we found a mostly vacant area we thought, besides the pool of water and rock pillar there were a few side pathes there was a passage down about five feet in diameter and a small table with what looked like achemist supplies. We were all inspecting around when Horrimore stumbled to the mouth of the hole and slide down a bit. Erymoss felt the sharp pain and hotness in his back. For those of you have been in combat have you ever had a situation where you got posioned? It’s not fun. The only thing worse then bleeding out and crappying yourself is not noticing cus you’re too busy convulsing in a odd state of paralysis.

Gottri shoved Erymos under a tabel before going to help Harrimore while Fallen and Torsten stalked the pusher and attacker who seemed to vanish everytime he finished attacking someone. Torsten was the first to see him for sure but not before the man put a dagger into Fallen’s back. As he tried to vanish he found it impossble as he tried to break free, in vain he shoved the paralyzed Fallen into the water which turned out to not be very shallow. Torsten moved by choice after her to free the drown partymember.

As the man tried to break free he turned to see Harrimore running towards him roaring about how the stunt of pushing him into the tunnel had lost him his best sword he roared as he grounded the guy before cutting off his head. Erymos comes to after Torsten heals the poison in his that had him turning purple and frothing at the mouth. Fortunately since he was better he opted to start vomitting blood while the rest searched the poisoner for an antidote to his posioner venom running through Fallen’s veins. Gottri finds something and waits for a go ahead before puring the concotion down Fallen’s through. Her eyes flutter open and is healed up. Potions are taken to to heal up and Erymos starts to access the damage to Fallen’s armor since it had been cut free of her so she didn’t die and drown. Meanwhile Harrimore retrieves his sword of choice. Another sword is found as well as several bodies.

[Captain of the Guard’s sword found, Captain of the Guard’s body found, town guards bodies found]

Erymos lets Fallen know that the good news is her armor is intact, the bad news is the latchings that were leather being cut need replacing and would probably take about three hours to fix. Grumbling she weighes into the leather armor of the headless poisoner. A few more items are found some are destroyed. Erymos, Thorsten, and Harrimore get into an arguement about poison and if it is or isn’t actually evil.

[Acquired items +3 Leater Armor, Poison destroyed]

The group, but mostly Erymos would like to know if there are any rumors about the last guy since the guy was a supposedly poisoner and the previous one a supposedly necromancer. Finding out beforehand if the last guy could shot fire out his bum would be great. The rumor of infernal experiments in the basement was solid infromation we found out. Harrimore having been sucked on by something, I’m not sure was it was or how to describe it besides big, green, and ugly. Torsten held a small ritual afterwards since Harrimore was a bit off before we continued.

Walking into a large room with a protection circle against demons from Eryomos’ deductions. As they moved Erymos heard someone whisper to him to die, the group moved in rapidly to hear Erymos gurgle before falling over. Dragged to the protection circle by Fallen and Harrimore Gottri was the first to mention someone had to be in here.
Several spells went off on Harrimore before the group decided to take to the stairs on the second floor. Several more spells hit and bounce off Harrimore and Torsten as well before the cleric figures it’s a good time to bail and starts to climb down to the first floor.

Erymos having woke up a little while ago and playing dead jumped up when the cleric was climbing down and whistled to him let him know it was his turn to die as green arcane fire flew through the eivl cleric causing him to fall the rest of the way as Erymos charged him. Torsten and Harrimor land ontop of the unconscious guy and lop off his head. Erymos takes a small pleasure in stomping on the headless corpse as he asked it repeated ’Who’s dead now!’. Fallen reminds them that they were going to keep him alive to ask questions the rest just seem to have been caught up in the moment. With a shuddering and wailing through the building Erymos suggested that now would be a good time to get inside the demon free protection zone.

As the large misshappen thing barreled in Erymos asked Torsten truthfully shoting poison at the thing would be kind of nice at the moment. Torsten scowled but didn’t say no or yes. Eventually the demon without anchor’s to the mortal realm faded out. Outside Erymos let the guards know that things were done.

Going back to the mayor the group was paid and the body under the church were indentified. The family of the Captian of the Guard give a small gesture towards finding him and his sword of a 100 gold. Erymos donates his share to a local craftman to help with the memorial for the fallen guards. Torsten agrees in getting together a team to sanctify the church, underground altar and caving in all the infernal areas.

Erymos cackles since someone has to pay for repairing Fallen’s platemail. Fallen thinks he meant her and she reminds him she dragged his ‘dead’ body around at the Asylum. He blinks and reminds her that the mayor agreed to pay for expenses in their contract… he also adds that might include free room and a good meal to which she’s happy about if the food is good.

Tale 27: Dark Times

The group buys out the Green Dragon Inn and go their seperate ways to work on their own side projects. Fallen spends time with her brother, Torsten and Harrimore are caught up and busied with matters of the Church of the Lantern, Gottri went off to recup and relax probably and Erymos spent his time managing businesses, finding a head hunter to recruit the kingdoms finest craftspeople, build an ownbear ranch, and doing a bit of book studying to add to his massive encyloedic knowledge of everything not divine or martial combat related.

Tale 26: Blue light special

Upon finding the path up the mountains the party figures out how to strange pillars of stone with blood markings and skulls are direction markers. The group booby traps the first few leading the unknowing to the slippery edge of the slope and doom.

What they thought to be an ambush by some 250 orcs turned out to be the escapee now defacto leader of the tribe (being the last one left alive) wanting Erymos to lead them. Erymos tells the rest of the group they’ve seen the error of their ways and they’d like to convert. Fallen doesn’t buy it but Erymos explains it’s easier if they have a few expendable skimishers.

Erymos sends the orcs on suicide missions to burn bodies around the area they need to get to to incite another battle with the three orc factions plus the giants. Erymos, Fallen, and Gottri sneak past the orcs they sent into a suicide battle towards the giants camp while Torsten and Harimore while invisible on Hoofcrest make their way there to get the final blue gem.

With blue gem acquired the party make it to the center of the lake. Fallen opts to attack a giant head on getting knocked into the crowd of battling orcs. She rushes between two next to be knocked into a snowbank bloodied and onconscious. Torsten jumps from Hoofcrest by rope after Harimore has gored a giant in the face to put the gem into the device. Successful the entire frozen lake shatters with the combatants falling into the water to drown a freezing death.

Meanwhile a very pissed and disappointed Erymos carries and jumps with an unconscious and heavy Fallen across a field of ice patches that are rapidly sinking. Moving into the blue light as a group there is a soft audible pop and they find themselves in a lush green plains in a valley. The same place they were before. On the way back they see no signs of any of the combatants or evil.

Upon returning to the keep somewhat confused Hadrian meets them personally at the front gate and tells them drying well done before walking inside.

End of Season 2

Tale 25: No rest for the wary

After our last bout Torsten kicked over the grave marker’s Erymos did up for his men and cut down a tree inspiring Erymos at bloody mace point to make something ‘more worthwhile of men who were sacrificed in the eternal struggle against evil’ making Erymos cry since it took him five hours to make the first set of grave markers. A nicer set of wooden tomb markers were made though with their names etched on them. Erymos played and sung hymms before Torsten gave a rather moving eulogy.

Tale 24: When honest men fall, good men can do bad things

Sitting on the back of a donkey since you can’t stand or walk while the rest of the party makes camp isn’t the best of places to be. You’re too weak to get the donkey to stop moving around and telling the others fell on deaf ears. I guess it could have been worse, melting a metal door and blowing it off it’s hinges so you’re not smashed to death in a stone vice could have been worse… Granted if Harimore hadn’t caught me I could have dropped the fifty feet to the ground before the rest escaped. I should backtrack and tell this from the start, I’m a little out of it from almost killing myself in an explosion.

Tale 23: One Ugly Mother

After the battles at the other two villages Erymos was quick to get craftmen to assist him in making a larger version of a net. Whent he party asked him why he pointed at the blue beacon of light. He explained it wasn’t subtle and if the Giant dark elves came on bats again we’d need something to catch them with. Talk of the ‘Great Mother’ and paying her tribute was urged by an elder to which we listened to his tale. We thought it sounded more like a sacrifice and thought it best to put down this foul thing as the last part of the Ogre’s dark web of deciet. With the fighting ready members of the villages and party ready to go the rest staying behind to hold a vigil for the attack on the mother.

Tale 22: The Festival of Revolution

After the fall of the House of Kane, you decided to retreat into the woods, heal up and regroup. The villagers had taken serious casualties in the battle and the Acolytes of Light were all wounded. You hid out in the woods for several days and decided to scout out the lake in the center of the woods. You reached the center of the lake using several wooden boats you discovered (you sank several others so you could not be followed). At the center of the lake you discovered a raised, glassine platform hovering over the center of the lake. In the center of the platform you saw a machine very much like the one that you had discovered near the Drow compound some months ago. This one had a jagged impression in the top of the machine, into which you placed the piece of green stone that you found at the top of the Ogre priest’s staff. The piece of blue-green stone fit perfectly. The machine hummed to life and a shaft of blue-green light shot into the sky. Just at that moment, several of the black flying creatures you had seen flew into view and then flew off to the north.

Tale 21: The Fall of the House of Kane
July 1st Session

We had finally healed up from our ordeal with the Giants.

Gottri came up from a scouting patrol ahead with an odd look on his face. He was blunt and let us know we were lost and he had no idea how. We had followed the map, checked our directions and we weren’t where the map said we should be. Eventually we found our way to a valley. The rest of the group was perplexed more than usual by Erymos. As he moved from the plants and sniffed the air he kept muttered either that it was perplexing or fascinating. The others also started to notice the peculiar growth in size of the flora and fauna. The weather seemed odd as well but Erymos assured the others it wasn’t dark magic but possibly from a very large lake. Erymos made the wild guess this might be the location of the Frozen Lake. Fallen wondered why he thought so since the other place was the area we were trying to get to but Erymoss countered it was just an educated guess. As they got closer the animals and plants got larger into abnormally large scales.

Tale 20: Return to the Frozen Lake

With the choice of chopping off Dorin’s hand for stealing and turning him in for a trial Harimore was in a turf spot since he really wanted to go with the first option. Torsten talked him out of the maiming with Dorin being escorted in the morning. Oddly enough he was gone in the morning, heavy gashed in the ground of something heavy being dragged out from under his bead and over to the window with a large empty chest implied he had skipped town. Fallen commented she was right about the little pudgy thief this whole time.

Tale 19: Assualt on Frandor's Keep with Hooves of Vengeance

After saving the lord you would think we’d hide, regroup, and figure out our next move. No such luck, we barreled down the war path much like a bull would when enraged. Fortunately the turn of events had an outcome considerably better than we thought but left us with more questions. At least Hoofcrest was back with the party. I guess the bad guys didn’t expect us to be this crazy… guess we proved them wrong.


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