Erymos' Owlbeast Ranch

Clutch of Owlbeast Eggs (8) => Owlbeast Ranch


After defeating a pair of owlbeast the adventuring party find a clutch of eggs. Erymos has already put them in his robe of many things for safe keeping after making egg cozies and hats for them. After putting markers (and faces) on Buttercup, Olivia, Mazirey, Erewan, Lilly, Eden, Tylk, and Jerry. The party can’t decide what they’re more distrubed by, the wealth of parenting knowledge and various tailoring skills or the fact Erymos wants to raise and hatch beast that could very well devour him alive.

Once back in the area closer to Frandor’s Keep Erymos bought a plot of land and hired trainers to start raising the hatchlings.


Att 14 DR 12 Def 3 Speed 3 Top 14 Init 1
Male: 2d10
8 (Charge) Claw 2d8+8,
Female: Claw 2d8+7 (two successful hits consecutive target is grabbed)
Hug 2d8+7 ever 5 seconds ongoing (escape by knockback or Feat of Strength verus 1d20+16)
Can Peck while hugging 2d4+7
Buttercup 72 HP
Olivia 73 HP
Mazirey 92 HP
Erewan 82 HP
Lilly 74 HP
Eden 78 HP
Tylk 79 HP
Jerry 86 HP

Erymos' Owlbeast Ranch

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