Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 9: Erie Mountain Lights Part 1

Erymos had come down with the flu falling into a near death coma it seemed. Afterwards everything seemed pretty hazy and the party recounted to him what had happened even though he was there. (I missed a session)

Summary: We survived the zombie apocalypse and were eventually escorted back from the Kar Mandri waystation by a patrol. When we got there, we were summoned to the Upper Bailey to see Lord Reyifor, who congratulated us on our victory and offered us the license to operate the Kar Mandri waystation in return for one more service to the Earldom: travel north and scout out the source of strange lights that have been seen in the mountains. The Lord’s chief lieutenant, Prefect Ganitek, was very irked that Lord Reyifor would outsource this task to “a bunch of unreliable foreign mercenaries,” but the Lord pointed out that it was, after all, The Adventurers of Light (as your group is now invariably known—-at least around Frandor’s Keep) that had defeated the zombie menace, not to mention depleting the goblin tribes in the area. We agreed to undertake this mission, then healed and trained (to 4th level).

Torsten also introduced you all to a new acolyte of light that had joined the group. He is an innocent-looking young man that Torsten had taken under his wing to train in the Ways of Light.
You set out, equipped with a week of food, some horses, and a trapper named “One-Eye” who claimed to know the location of the lights and further claimed that they were near a once-abandoned tower that was now being refurbished.

We traveled for two days and had several violent encounters with some goblins, two bugbears and a very confused ogre. Each encounter happened at night, when Dorin and One-Eye were on guard. We emerged victorious, but Fallen was badly wounded in the fight.

That did explain why I didn’t know where I was and who the new people were and why Fallen was bandaged up… again.


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