Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 48: The Tower of Tul-Kar, Got the key, where's the loot?

The team clears out the rest of the tower and find their most deadly foe... at least for the mage.

With the four remaining bugbears the party opt to check out the Chieftains’ bedroom after gathering all the gems and treasure the chief had in the room they killed him in. Finding more treasure Gottri allocated it for safe keeping before checking out the wall. The group go to the weapon room and see exactly how big the army was which was much bigger than anticipated.

Finding the Library Erymos opened it to get the party struck down by a fireball nearly killing himself in the process. Everyone was injured except for Grunk’s new cohorts who were killed. The party opts to not try that again and presses on with a note to try again later. The party prep at the next door for another trap with Harrimore ready to get the brunt of an attack. Walking forward he falls into a spike pit. The rest of the party look on in surprise as they find themselves looking into the pit from outside as the floor suddenly arcs dumping them into the trap. After everyone is alive and conscious Erymos swears and starts casting flight on everyone. Flying out of the bit was a lot easier than expected versus climbing out.

Gottri finds a glass key and further moving around gets the party wondering why Sir Harrimore is swinging his sword around at things. Torsten goes into full I’m turning this damnable evil (like you do) mode and the two walk side by side down the hall ready for evil to be around the turn. Seeing coffins the group stop when they see one of the two brothers true name etched into a coffin, after Gottri disabled another trap, this time gas, the party fling open the coffin and Torsten starts turning as Harrimore’s blade comes down on the creature before it even his or stand, (He let us know whatever was in the coffin he knew was evil from his sword so he was stabbing it regardless of what was down there).

Erymos got the odd hair idea to trying and figure out an incantation using the brothers true name on the spot to banish them from the plane. Meanwhile Grunk and Harrimore knocked the undead brother as he stood out of his coffin and to the ground. He was a bit surprised when Gottri suddenly was on him kicking away his sword and only melee attack really as his gasped from the sudden repeated thrusts from a dagger into his undead side. Rolling around with Gottri gave Harrimore and Grunk time to give chase, Torsten still turning following knocking over the neighboring coffin lid. Erymos in the middle of chanting sweeked out a warning of the other brother from a safe distance while Torsten continued to pray as Sir Harrimore and Gurnk moved back to back to attack both the brothers that surrounded most of the party. Torsten finished his chanting and an alabaster light exploded out from his lantern. The undamaged brother took off running in fear of the light of the lantern and the already wounded brother looked nervous as Sir Harrimore, Grunk, and Torsten moved towards him gliding over the ground bringing his doom. Erymos clenched up as the other brother ran towards him until he realized him running past and flew closer to the skirmish as he continued to formulate his spell as he moved.

With his brother abandoning him, his weapon stolen, he moved to escape until a flying Harrimore, Grunk and Torsten surrounded him. Torsten chanting again got a his from the undead brother until he felt a blade being buried in his back. Oddly enough Gottri had retrieved the curved wicked blade and had just buried it between the wrappings the brother wore.

As the trio battered the brother around Torsten continued to chant and Erymos’ spell finally completed. Two blue sprite like creatures formed next to him freaking him out, everyone was too busy to look at what he was screaming about. After poking one of the sprites a few times he figured he was safe. He asked them to go kill the brothers and remembered to say please before the sprites vibrated in place before flying off.

Erymos opted to follow the closest one telling the others to “Come watch what my awesome new spell does!” since abandoned, battered, and robbed of his weapon the one of the brother opted to just run. Moving through a door the party kick it down and hear wails of someone in pain. They also see a room filled with treasure. Gottri dove into a pile of gold, ‘Looking for traps’. Erymos flew past although interested wanted to find out what his spell was doing. Torsten, Erymos, Grunk, and Sir Harrimore rounded a corner to find the sprite had latched onto the undead brother and attacking or zapping him somehow, they seemed to be stuck together and he was occupied trying to pry it off the side of his head.

Erymos leaned into the rest and reminded them it’s not unhonorable to be the holy lantern oil out of the undead when they’re being attacked by an unknown entity and they quickly dispatched the brother, much faster than before. The body falling and the sprite turning into the ghost form of a young man jumped into the body and it turned to dust leaving a ring. Sir Harrimore pulled out a small leather pouch and put the ring in it, Erymos suggested filling it with holy water too maybe.

Looking back at Erymos they saw him writing down notes and asking them what they thought of various name ideas for the incantation. Turning around the group saw Gottri covered in a decorative golden coif and chained light cloak, a circlet on his head, and several rings now on his fingers as he shoved gold into a bag. He stated he had not found any traps but he’d need to keep looking to make sure.

Erymos explained they should find the other brother while he was weakened and asked about if it was any different to attack the brother after his spell sprite attached itself to him rewetting his quill to take notes. Explaining it was the group explained they agreed until the watched Erymos start shoveling gold as well. Realizing everyone was looking at him and seeing Gottri shaking his head at him in disappointment he said they should probably go now. Gottri looked at the gold and Erymos reminded him the brother might have a failsafe to destroy the treasure which got Gottri back in ‘Game on’ mode.

Eventually chasing him back into the room the party attack him and Erymos sees the guy trying to set off a device and runs up slapping him and telling him, “No! Drop it!” it a parental tone causing the device to clatter to the ground. The rest hack into the brother without his device but most start coughing due to the partial release of gas. With the second brother killed and exploded into dust they put another ring in the bag of holy water and turned to see Erymos frothing at the mouth and having seizures from the poison he was exposed to. Several comments were made about the delicate constitution of the Mage.

Once back up and walking the group try and figure out how they’d get all the treasure out. Erymos had gone to muttering to himself having cleared away an area on the ground and had been scrawling with chalk like a madman. The odd idea to get plants from the garden pungent to Owlbeasts and wrote a note on temporary bags of holding labeled, "Danger will explode soon, put in my tower within the hour (in experimental test room #4) and lock the door. Will be back shortly. -Erymos PS give all the injured Owlbeasts extra treats.’ was thrown out while he did it. The following day doing the same thing. Without having to worry about the treasure transport the party had time to investigate the library, grab loot off others that had died in the pit, get a few more casks of wine, and Erymos wondering if they could grab more herbal samples for their alchemist.


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