Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 46: Quest for the Key of Tul-Kar

Dealing with the fallout of the alternate versions of yourself and life

Short Version: The group recap trying to figure out what the alternate reality versions of themselves have been doing for the past two years. The team opts to contract out the assassins guild since they’re trying to kill us for the war against Hadrian, start prototyping ideas for weapons to use in mass scale combat, an intel about the primary female elven leader of the capital that’s been missing for the past two years (was kidnapped right before the group left), broker a deal with the dwarves to possible get involved in the war. Broker a deal with the Elves since the Dwarves said they didn’t need to come since they can’t fight.

Current immediate plan is to get the key to the Crypt of Amun-Thul from a tower. The crypt might have a stockpile of treasure the party can use for war funds on a national/strategic level. Along the way the party come across a town being raided and opt to take out eleven of the dozen raiders that were marching off with children. The mage almost dies but is saved by Harrimore and Hoofcrest picking him up. Erymos finally drops an owlbeast out which maims or routed a quarter of the raiders by itself. With the raiders killed off the group help the town rebuild partially, Torsten tries converting them and the group figure their next move.

The team having spent several days tunneling via Erymos around the heavily enforced outskirts of the tower to funnel in right at the ground floor of the tower.


Meeting with Drucilla
Get the Key for the Crypt
Raid the Crypt for War Funds
Have our agent find out all info on Flamergeche
Check on the military engineer prototypes
Warehouse fronts setup for compartmental part production
Get the Theives guild on contract for counter intelligence
Setup a meeting with Capital Council
Setup a meeting with the Dwarven hold Gottri is from
Setup a meeting with the Elves in the area.

Pump action supersoaker with a backpack container for before the Crypt

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