Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 45: What's in a Name

Two Towers, Two Names, Two Brothers, Three Wyrms, Countless Zombies, One way out...

The group gets together at a private room at the Flying Pegasus with three books they think will explain the missing pieces. Erymos thinks he’ll be able to open a portal back their own world if given enough time. The other books hint at possible futures and past combinations. For the most part the group decide to forgo stopping the Reaping of Souls festival and stick to their primary objective finding the true names of the brothers. Going to the Jade tower the party quickly escalate into a fight when asked to disarm for entry with the guards getting nervous from Sir Harrimore stating that won’t be happening gripping his Holy Avenger and Gottri pulling his blades out causing the guards to attack. The group dispatched the two guards in a matter of second and Gottri takes to trying to open the door, the locals look on somewhat surprised. Previously going to one of the two large towers got people confused on what the towers were and what they were talking about. Moving closer got someone warning the party until they were pressed for details to which they seemed to not know what the party was talking about in regards to a tower. Gottri looked at Erymos who looked at Torsten before commenting, ‘It’s like they took his forgetfulness and made it a spell…’

As Gottri worked on the lock the tower shifted to what Erymos thought was their own realm then back again to the alter dimension. Gottri though they were in hell from his comment to which Erymos reminded him if they were in Hell his hair wouldn’t look so amazing. This got a jaded laugh out of most as he worked the area shifting to a hell themed landscape before flickering back again to the alternate dimension. Climbing the long staircase up several miles oddly enough only took a few minutes. Getting to the top the party revealed the city below and the festival starting to take place. Gottri noticed the hidden flagstone in the middle could be flipped. Flipping it got them a stone with a name etched on it. It sounded like a common peasants name but the sudden rumbling got Gottri cursing since it meant the tower was trapped. As it started to lower rapidly Gottri took a potion and used the rope ladder and bolted off the side. With the ground coming up quickly the party dove to safety as the tower was swallowed into the ground.

Gottri commented that situationally it was a really effective trap if he thought about it. Looking at the second tower Erymos did make the comment there were two brothers with the festival in swing getting through the masses would be rough.

After using a hair scrunchy, getting goggles and starting to cast Erymos explained he’d need about two minutes for the group of eight to be souring over the city as the crow flies. Gottri asked about if Erymos needed to change his wardrobe to which Erymos answered that it was pretty obvious putting on a ‘flying’ cape.

Approaching the white tower on the other side of the city the party spot a wyrm to which Erymos opts to try and distract it wearing vestments of gold, and shaking bags of coin while multiplying himself. While odd to the wyrm it did take notice spouting wings before taking off. When it did so Gottri flew underneath him simply grabbing the rock since he knew it was trapped he just jumped off the side of the tower. with the names Erymos yelled they could start the portal creation process now. Harrimore suggested getting to a roof top and protecting Erymos as he got them out of this crazy dimension.

While he started it seemed the brothers and the Wryms tried to close in. One of them attacked Grunk which caused him to go into ‘Game on’ mode since he filleted the wyrm’s face. Gottri used a poison potion to put it to sleep while Erymos simply just blinded the large white wyrm. For the most part he wasn’t having the best of days.

One of the brothers called down fire on a few of the adventurers causing Erymos to delay on starting by taking a healing potion. Gottri ended up coming over and shoving another one in his mouth while he worked before feeling around in his robe for a loaded heavy crossbow. Gottri asked why he kept it loaded but Erymos explained it was pointing down so it was mostly fine. While Erymos worked the party dispatched another wyrm which now fell to the ground and was dispatched by zombies. The evil cleric brother narrowly missed death by diving Grunk who almost impaled him before he petrified him. Others coming up to assist heavily injured him while Gottri lugged Grunk away. Harrimore eventually subdued the other brother when he showed up screaming both the names at him gleefully seeing fear in the man’s eyes before decapitating him. With the portal open Erymos roared for everyone to get in. With the name stones and rubbings made they found themselves back at the small slab of stone surrounded by lava on the island. Erymos stretched since he had been casting a spell for an extended period of time and reminded everyone the flight spell was still active then mentioning they should get back to the ship. signallying the islander they rowboat made it back and they traversed to the island dropping him off before heading back into port.

5775 xp awarded.


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