Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 44: By the Light of the Moon

With a pass to explore from the Dragon the group make their way around the island. Erymos finds some vegatation but can’t define it but explains it off as a fire proof fungi and the island is actually an active volcano. He also explains there was a barrier of sorts put in place through magic which is breaking down, his theory being their previous actions having possibly caused it to happen. Sir Harrimore finds everything around them is evil it seems.

Once getting through the rough spots Gottri goes off to Scout, while trying to pry the jewels out of a statue he gets possessed and comes back letting the group know there was nothing down there. Erymos writes it off and asks if people want to start looking for dormant volvanic tubes that may be the entrance. Harrimore and Torsten have a discussion since Gottri is not giving off an evil aura. When consulted on the idea of how it happened Erymos goes over and asks Gottri to loan him 10 gold without explaining why. Erymos states he has some of his (Gottri) sense of self but he might have been ‘whammied’ by something down there or a trap. When Gottri explains no and that he didn’t see anything Torsten and Harrimore strip Gottri down to just his beard leaving him known to pleased.

When Torsten suddenly yells, "Bind him! He will be exorcised’ a nude Gottri bolts. While Gottri tries to knock the sword from Harrimore’s hand Torsten grabs him from behind and pins him to the ground. Grunk unsure how excising works stays in the area but doesn’t want to get in on dwarf on but naked dwarf action roaring out he didn’t know what was going on and what were we doing. Gottri slipped free of Torsten and Grunk says screw it and hits Gottri with the but end of his glaive knocking him to the ground 15 feet away. from the gash on his head, now unconscious a form flies out. Erymos screams out ‘Shadow Beast! Do let it touch you!’ Harry attacked it followed by Erymos and Grunk.

With the creature defeated they wake and explain things to Gottri. Torsten asks why the scout is in the nude.

Down looking at the statues Gottri figures he disabled the trap on them by getingt possessed. Having disabled a trap on the door but not being able to get it open Erymos explains he’s got this and exlpains he needs some room to work. While heating the door to the point it becomes bright orange through his arcane skills the four statues come to life and Erymos screams like a damsel in distress.

Gottri tries to get into position when Erymos yells out weapons and magic won’t work run away since he wanted to try something. Gottri took the que to run, Erymos and Grunk let the guide and Torsten know what was going on. Moving away Erymos and Torsten in the front soon become just Erymos when Torsten is sent flying back behind him and up onto the bridge with a punch. Erymos tried using his spells to erode the legs of one of the golem statues. Harrimore knocked it into the lava surrounding the area they were escaping from. Erymos screamed for Grunk to carry him so he could concentrate and not die (actual phrase used) while he strated breaking the bridge causing another of the golems to fall into the lava. Running up and away the group pull the guide up who almost didn’t make it.

With the last two golems back in place Erymos wants to try and blow the doors before they cool down. It’s figured out to be a lot harder than he thought mostly just warping the doors but not fully opening them. Flying back to the top of the stairs with the rest Erymos pulls out tools and strarts scribbling explaining digging a pit and making it so the golems fall into it and down into the lava was doable. Checking over his work from a mining perspective he started fixing errors and said he had a plan. Which actually worked when Harrimore dropped him off to get the rest the party find Erymos in the fetal position since he was left to defend himself, not a skill he excelled in.

With Erymos resting, Gottri and Torsten figured out how to get into the broken door and the group filed down.

When they found themselves suddenly in a forrest Harrimore disbelieved the illusion. Erymos taking samples of rock and plants had him declaring they were not in an illusion or probably in a known area of their realm. Everyone looking up at the two moons confirmed it.

The party find out a going to the closest town, Half Moon Bay which didn’t look like the one they were at but more about the size and layout as the capital. The fact their clothes apart from Erymos had changed they thought it odd. Finding goblins selling things in the market that didn’t radiate evil was even odder. Finding out The Erternal light of the Moon where Father Torsten (Not an albino) was in bed sick was even odder than that. Having found out the ‘brothers’ would be in town the next night to reap souls litterally for some kind of festival did make sense since they were evil. Harrimore enlisted his minions in this area since the local version of himself was also in a coma like the Father Torsten of this area.

Grunk, Erymos, and Gottri go to Erymos’ bar which actually looks much better than Erymos’ bar. He took sketches before going in. Gottri found his alter ego’s boss and got him drunk and robbed him. Erymos looked around for a potrait of himself since this version of him seemed to be doing better he was probably more vain than he was as well. Finding a picture of himself he was surprised he looked okay in satyr horns… Going outside and turning into this world’s version of himself he stormed back in and demanded his eye. Since this version seemed better at everything he figured he was probably even more tempermental than he usually was. Getting a key he went to his room and saw the other him in bed with a female Centaur, dryad, plus a halfing hanging from the raffters. With a note to find new inspiration and success through creative recreation Erymos raided his own room for clues and supplies.

The group meet up afterwards to discuss exactly what was going on in this world turned upside down littterally.


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