Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 43: Dark Tides, Elves, and Sea Serpents

The party take to the High Seas... For Justice and Money

Erymos gets a bead on buying three more bars from a dwarf wanting to retire from city life among elves to go living under a mountain. Gottri wants in on the deal, Erymos going in 50/50 with him when the deal falls through with getting the Warriors of Light LLC involved with buying in on businesses via Harrimore trying to strong arm a tithing from the business of 25% of the profit plus a share for himself shocking Erymos and Gottri alike. With the return of Graytar the surly mage that had been Erymos’ second mentor he looked around at the country boy turned mage’s success. Between tales of catching and Erymos recent experimentation with teleportation device to bring his owlbeast into combat made most nervous except Erymos and Grunk, the former of which laughed gleefully.

His former mentor brought word of assassins on the look out for Erymos and the fact the brothers they had killed, beheaded, and burned were still alive somehow. They’d need to travel to another of their crypts and find their true names. With the thought of people trying to kill him more so then usualy Erymos suggested they find a cleric and get to these isles away from the prying eyes and blades of people trying to kill him. Harrimore said he would make arrangements. Everyone in the bar stopped when Torsten walked in ready for battle and saying as such. From the talk with Harrimore Torsten may be considered to be playing hookie from his duties from Erymos’ point of view but with the wild look for battle and violence in the dwarf’s eyes Erymos shrugged considering it better than no cleric or someone truely detrimental to the group coming in.

The trip went well until the group was followed by pirates and attacked. Unforunately between Gottri’s deadeye shot to the pirate’s mage, Harrimore’s vanguard solo attack on Hoofcrest, and Erymos’s spells the group either killed, drowned, set swimming, or took prisoners of the 22 some pirates.

Erymos disturbed the captain prior to the attack with his sudden attempt to ‘improve’ his ship. Seeing the mage scurry up and repairing things made the man wonder what he did in a former life mending a burnt sail from scraps no bigger that a hand is wide.

With a new larger/faster ship in their convoy they party quickly made repairs and moved on in their journey to the island. Finding an island with people on it close to their destination they got details of the black rock island and the dragon that guarded it from the villagers. Erymos might have lost something in the translation explaining they worked for the Sun. Armed with a guide they dressed in pirate armor, a large bag of pearls, and knowledge of where the reefs probably were around the island they party set out to ‘negotiate’ with a dragon so they could find the names… they put a pin in coming back to kill the dragon afterwards.


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