Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 42: Black Fang Keep P2

Getting the Hard stuff out of the way.

With the feeling of two of the six golems the party redoubled their efforts one of Harrimore’s proteges taking a heavy blow only to recipricate on the foul greater with their brothers in unison. Harrimore decapitated one of the golems with his Holy Avenger surprised a bit how little resistance there was. The ground mounts a rally getting the Cleric back on his feet who seemed filled with rage and full of holy smithing as the last two of the Clay Golems were fell.

Searching through one doorway led the group deeper into the ruins, Gottri had the group hold up as he saw a trap and disarmed it, when he walked forward to inspect the next area a click and fire spoutted from the walls, as auible clicks and whirling of gears was heard the party watched the metal door behind them close, the floor in front of them incline upwards and a large boulder start rolling down the hallway towards them picking up speed.

Three of the party, Grunk, Harrimore, and one of this proteges slammed into the door behind them looking for an exit, Harrimore’s diciples drop kicking the door to knock it off its henge gave them an exit strategy. Gottri reversed the trap in the meantime stopping the rock while Erymos blasted through the rock using his arcane spells. With the calamity in the hallway the door opened slightly with someone popping his head through the door to look at the party the man looked surprised explaining he thought we wouldn’t be ‘here’ for another week. Slamming the door shut Harrimore pulled out a second shield in hand as he rushed down the hallway. Battering on the door the elven mage the ground also wanted to kill popped up.

Explaining this was all part of Hadrians plan and how we were going to die his words slowed as Harrimore hacked into what was revealed to be an illusion. With Gottri opening the door the party moved through ready for battle. An old relic of an evil arcane civlization could be seen. Two brothers spouted off their evil monologue and were dispatched a lot quicker than the group aniticipated. With a general idea of what the machine could do and where things were going to happened the party agreed to destroy the machine, Erymos started scrawling on the wall from what he found out the rest of the party having mixed emotions on if he was summoning a demon, going crazy, or just being Erymos.

With an idea how to detonate the machine to destroy it remotely he started the tunnel out of the ruins mining through the ceiling while Gottri created a rope ladder for the party to escape by. Once up and out of the way the Keeps forces burst into the room to which Erymos smiled and dropped several handwritten notes he had previous recieved. He mentioned to the ground they should go as he saw one of the men go to pick it up realizing it was a letter.

The explosions behind them hurried them along down the tunnel, coming topside the group saw the smoke and fire from the keep above getting a frown from Erymos who muttered about if he had overdone it a bit. The party made it back to the Capital two days south of the Keep and recouped for a bit. Hadrian seemed to be making a play of sorts again. They would need to report into the Church to give findings and plan out their next move. Erymos wondered if the brothers were really just patsy for some greater evil since the Mage was never mentioned the thought of him being their handler or watcher crossed the paranoid mage’s mind before he went into tinkering with a dimensional shift cage to pull one of the owlbeast into combat. Thoughts of finding the elusive Lord Rayafor and daughter came to mind as well if they were going back to Frandor’s Keep.

5K xp awarded.


Gottri reading the mage’s account grumbles to himself, “Figures. He completely missed where I under a spell of invisibility sacrificed my beard to turn off the dam blasted machine and deduced where Hadrian’s plans are in motion. On the plus side he did play a mean lute. I’ll forgive him.”

Tale 42: Black Fang Keep P2
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