Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 41: Black Fang Keep P1

Recon mission turned razing

With a month going by Harrimore having recently come back to the capital from training to be an official Paladin and Templar of the Lantern, Erymos having spent his time doing his usual odd things of researching magic, trying to run the businesses, and the rest of the group left to their own devices after some down time the group reconvene to discuss things and the routing of the two sons plus the elven mage who may or may not be a several century old vile man who had his run of the area when the Hero Harrimore had recovered the sword from was around.

With the reports of intel back from the Church of the Lantern spies the group discussed their next move as well as finding out Torsten had sent in a replacement, a young human priest warrior named Leon. Salem still wanting to kill the Mage for which he explained he had done some bad things in the forrest (Mainly the killing of elves) was hired on as well for part of the newly consolidated Warriors of Light.

From the information gathered and the discussion on what to do the party reached an agreement. They didn’t know what to do and needed more information. The research on the torn magical bag lead to the bag being destroyed from the suggestion of the new cleric. Erymos reminded the group all their portable storage devices of magical nature could be targeted regardless. With enough supplies for a short two day trek up and back for a few days of scouting the party mostly stayed stationary while the Elven Ranger Salem and two more elves scouted around the area with Gottri. Little was known about the area besides the gamble there was an escape tunnel.

After a bit of searching the scout and ranger came back to let the party know there was a secret back entrance in around the guards which between human, ogres, and bugbears ranged into the 100s by estimates. The party was ready to go infilitrate but they couldn’t figure out how to get the majority of the party to the secret tunnel in considering the heavy armour most wore. Everyone looked at Erymos who had spent his down time sewing together a cloak of leaves and twigs he had smeared with Deer poop from Salem. With the odd look he sighed and asked if the party wanted him to turn them inivisible disappointed he couldn’t fully test out his new camoflauge. Summoning an unseen servant as well the party started the trek out to the the hidden entrance. When Salem was possibly spotted Erymos opted to send his servant out to smack leaves away from the part low to the ground and stomp random twigs on the way to send guards on a random goose chase.

Once at the tunnel entrance a trap was diabled and more exploring was done. The fort revealed to have a secret corridor arround most of the keep. Leading to various places. After the killing of two sleeping guards, finding out the keep was on alert, the location of the armory, the store room, and knocking out the kitchen staff, plus barricading the area they were in. The group opted to not go with Erymos’ plan to steal the Keep’s entire food supply and trekked down into the hidden ruins underneath the main dining area to hear the sound of magical machinery.

Stopping a bit confused in a room with mirrors the Cleric inspected one after Salem broke one. Gottri tapped one having his hand go through. Something on the otherside grabbed him pulling him in to his shoulder. Getting free and scrambling away he was reaching for his weapons and started to scream ‘Break the mirrors! Break the MIrrors!’. Although the Cleric tried to get the group to stop several arrorws in sucsession were quicker then the speed of the man’s tongue and the mirrors converged into the form of five things.

Erymos squeeked out a nervous voice yelling out ‘Golems’ scrambling for his Lute the party springing into battle. During which Erymos finally swore not getting off the right melody to calm the creatures and resorted to using his magics. In the midst of the battle Harrimore and his trio of proteges fought two of the golems, Grunk and the cleric squaring off on one each after Erymos nailed down the killing blow to one of the group. Gottri having been injured looked for a good spot to jump back into the fray trying to catch his wind.


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