Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 40: Quest for the Holy Sword p4

Three Girls One Sword

Having found and salughtered an increasing more dangerous spectrum of the undead along the way the party find a secret pssage down to a room shaped like an eye after a short rest. Faced with the missing paladin turned to stone, Harrimore takes a knee and preys before Grunk says he spotted something in the large room lurking in the shadows, the ranger confirmed it and the party was on guard even though Harrimore had the sword removed by the dwarf and the elf. Three medusa like gorgon’s attack the group. Harrimore takes a flight potion as the guards close in. The battle that ensued ended with two of the gorgon’s beheaded and the final larger multiarmed one being turned to stone before Grunt drop kicks the creature shattering the statue.

There was a bit of contention on destroying the heads since they were ‘evil’ from Harrimore’s point of view. Ursala reminded Gottri and Harrimore in their scuffle that the head will loos it’s power soon, Erymos added in that the bringing back of the heads would greatly increase the belieability of their story… Harrimore didn’t really seem to think it was a good idea until Erymos added it would bring more fame and honor to the Church to which he more readily agreed. With the opposition dead and the loot accquired from the dead gorgons. Gottri is called upon to see if there is a secret passage out or something the three were guarding. It turned out the group found a small crypt with an empty coffin and a note, it seemed to be the same handwriting as the previous versions of exploding scripts sent to Erymos repeatedly.

Erymos let the group know that the mage that had gotten away may be one of the two evil undead brothers from the legend. Harrimore find it hard to believe when the other crypt is opened and it is also empyt. The idea both the brothers made a tomb to recoup at and lure the palidin into came to mind. Harrimore was displeased by the idea but was reminded he may have killed one of the brothers already by decapitation followed by cremation at the estate house in the capital.

Items Acquired:

One body of a palidin turned to stone placed at the Church of the Lantern in the Capital to be adorned in a place of honor and reverence.

One Holy avenger to be weilded by Harrimore.

Plate Mail +4 taken by Grunk

Medium Shield +4

Three suits of armor from the Medusa
Four tridents

Warriors of Light Inc had two dividend payouts before the group consolidates and recruits a new cleric and take on the intern Salem.


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