Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 39: Quest for the Holy Sword p3

Tomb Raiders

After the defeat of the Wizard’s party (with the wizard optting to escape rather than fight).

An Elf bounty hunter showed up kicking the fighter in the privates and yelling out where the Mage was since he was going to kill him. Erymos opted to hide and protect the family jewels until he realized he meant the other wizard who fireballed him. Erymos immediately liked the guy add maybe opting to castrate the guy was another option.

The elf calming down finally realized the dwarven scout with a sword on his back asking him to make several sudden movements so he could repeated stab him.

Need to get a list of the items written out.

The group found the tomb was not that of the fallen hero but what he was trying to kill. Circumventing some elementals the group fought vampires, mummies, and demons before they figured out the way down to the next level. Erymos requested they take stock of the situation and possible take a break for lunch and a nap.


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