Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 14: Journey to the North Part 1: Hooves of Fury

Season 2.1

As I brush down Sugar Plum or Hoofcrest as he prefers to be called, to which I will begin to refer to him as, I’ve made a conclusion about evolution involving magical creatures, our advantage against normal creatures being our intelligence and ability to use tools is dwarfed by a sentient super natural and or magical creature. I have no idea what the situation was behind Hoofcrest that lead to his being captured but he either has several seasons of pent up agression for being imprisoned or if possible he’s from an elite line of warrior pegasus that train in disciplines of martial prowess and combat. The trip to the uncharted North had been mostly uneventful. Any time we had run into trouble though Hoofcrest gave several indications that started my line of thinking. Although you might roll your eyes thinking I jest this is the second time I’ve taken to bathing Hoofcrest to wash the the blood from his mane, hooves, and coat. I’m just glad he’s a lawfully good creature and he’s on our side.

writing up adventure after listening to the play session.


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