Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 13: Bell of the Ball and finding the Herald of Doom

The group makes their way back to the Fort and tells the Lord of the now vanquished army, the prophecy, and an insider to that inner circle of the empire’s merchants that might be the downfall of the whole kingdom. We cornered the foppish painter from our second job since he had done work and consorted with whoever had been controlling the orc army. The city guard had taken him in for questioning and we ended the week off with a banquet in our honor with the noble class of the fort.

Fallen put on a dress for the first time and was the Bell of the Ball, Erymos played a tune and sung about our their adventures, Dorin looked pretty good for a drastically overweight dwarf in a ‘very expensive’ tunic. Torsten and his acolyte looked wise and stately and Harimor rode in on Sugar Plus the pegasus who had been adorned with his own outfit for the occasion.

End of Season 1 of the Campaign.


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