Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 12: Erie Mountain Lights Part 4

Made our way upstairs to main floor and decided we check up the 2nd and 3rd floor in case there were hostages (didn’t want to burn down the building if peopler were inside). Found out Alicia was the last of her group that was kidnapped, they were being sacrificed. Made our way upstairs and found paintings of an impeding doom (Balefor, that bastard, had painted them). A secret door was found with Terrance and his wovles in it. We killed his wolves and he begged for mercy. He promised to help us in exchange for his life.

We kill the rest of the guards and leave the archers on the building. We sneak into the bandit camp and Terrance kills Riker. He takes over as Raven Lord of the ‘Unkindness’ (group of ravens). Orcs on patrol come back and have a WTF moment at the lodge. Terrance pulls the contractor guard (outside the scope of his duties) plus whoever snuck in also murder Riekr so he had to take over. Ran sack Wolf tower (well Terrance and his men start it and he came in after all the initial heavy lifting was done. As the rest of the camp rushed us we defeated them. Terrance and five of his group were left to leave after they looted via the pact with Torsten and Harimore.

Oh yeah… Flipping flying horse named Sugar Plum (Hoofcrest) how awesome is that!

Note to self have a an arm from one of the raven’s with the tatoo on it.


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