Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 11: Erie Mountain Lights Part 3

Gambling, it what one does when they’re desperate and or greedy. We as adventurers seem to have a great thirst for gambling. As we stood and sat around the bloodied altar we had to take a breather, the last hour seemed like days. Also everyone looked at me funny when I was measuring the high orc’s heads. They were large even for orcs so there had to be a good bounty coming our way.

Chasing Harrimor had us on the run until we heard him swear and skid to a halt. Torsten rushed in his direction around some crate while Fallen rushed the other way around them. It was too high to see what was on the other side so Dorin had me boost him up before I pulled out my Crossbow and joined the fray behind Fallen. I yelled for her to move aside since I was firing which got the needed response as she moved to one side and a bolt darted past into an orc that still rushed her. One of the three tossed coals on her getting her to backpedal as the other two hacked at her. As she moved back closer to me I scrambled for my staff as I defender alongside her explaining she was going things know since I was suppose to stay in the back and be safe and she was suppose to be in the front and protect me. She roared back she didn’t want to die and she couldn’t protect me if she was dead.

As the three closed in as we back pedaled Dorin leapt from the shadows and one of the orcs vanished, his feet jerking around as he slide into the shadows with Dorin behind him. In the span of a few seconds he grabbed another of the orcs from the shadows by the neck a dagger dragging him down silently to the ground. Bolstered Fallen fought back renewed and I just stopped and whistled at him. I faked an attack and smiled since he knew I couldn’t jab him from the distance. A dagger’s blade split out his side and he looked down. Dorin’s steely eyes grabbed it’s sword arm and chest with one arm his other arm a blur on what use to be the side of the orc as the dagger rendered into its flesh like a wild animal. Fallen and myself came on Harimor as he and Torsten finished the ones on their side. Torsten asked if we were okay. Dorin stepping from the shadows again wiped blood from his splattered tunic, leathers, and beard flicking it to the ground and spit. He explained wiggling a dagger between himself and me. We’re good, he stated simply. She’s not. Fallen stumbled forward heavily injured. We healed up the poor battered girl and investigated around us.

Supplies, lots of them. Not just camping, it was logistically on the scale for a large army. From a company called Nexus. I grabbed some tools and pried a piece of the wood with the stamp off and looked at the group. I explained this was basically an outrigger store to us, everything we might need to get back or outdoor survival was here. When we had stolen… err… acquired everything we needed we could dose the rest with oil so we could burn it down hampering their forces since they wouldn’t be able to survive without the stores for long out here and would disperse in search of food and supplies. With the area ready to be set on fire Dorin came back in and explained there was another door, Torsten and Harimor looked at each other and went to look, the door or doors I should say were quiet heavy and sturdy. Could be hostages are kept down here. Harimor muttered to Torsten. Then we free them. Torsten countered before trying the handle. Locked.

They both looked at Dorin who ran his hand through his beard. Grumbling he came forwards and listened at the door and inspected it before getting out tools and working until a metal click was heard. With the tools being put away he stepped to the side and Harrimor opened the door a crack to which we all peeked in on. There was someone in shabby robes, two orcs, and a lady in rags that use to be white but she was definitely human. There were also two orcs, two very large orcs, since they were half as tall again as the other two orcs I really did think the obvious before Dorin muttered it.

“Those are two big orcs…” he whispered. We were going to charge but I pointed out they might kill the girl. I put a spell on Torsten and let him sneak into the area (it was pretty big). We all pulled ranged weapons and shot the person in robs from across the place. The place looked old… old meaning pre dwarven, pre elven, and felt kinda evil. Good place to have a sacrifice I guess.

The person in robes screamed to which we found out to be female most likely and she dove into the water as the orcs turned and charged towards us. Harimor and Fallen moved forward to meet them and I started muttering words for one of my new spells. A ball of fire erupted from me over Fallen and Harimor into one of the larger Orcs knocking him off balance for a bit but in plate armor and broadsword and shield still in hand I didn’t have much face they were push overs since he was still on fire as he moved forward. I arced the fireball around hitting one of the smaller orcs which set him ablaze as it engulfed him. I gritted my teeth and licked my lips since controlling a ball of fire was hard enough, let alone making it do a u-turn surrounded by water. No pressure. It was aimed at the back of the two larger orcs when I realized Harimor and Fallen had scrambled back into the hallway. Dorin had been busy bolting towards the altar and away from the orcs. I dropped control and ran away along the far wall cat walks over the waterways. I yelled to Torsten for help and then I added behind him. He had freed the lady’s one arm and she dangled defeated from the other like a doll.

I kept looking behind me before spinning to defend against one of the orcs, the smaller thankfully. I noticed the two larger orcs look out the doorway and push the double doors shut. My heart dropped.

All the big fighters were outside that door, everyone that could open a lock were inside. Plus there were two big orcs between us and the doorway Torsten said to hold on as the shaman jumped back into the water after getting knocked in the face with a mace from twenty feet away. After freeing the girl Dorin popped next to him and explained he’d take the girl, big nasty orcs were coming and Torsten didn’t like big nasty orcs. The lady asked if he’d be okay along, Dorin countered explaining he’d fair better than he would.

The loud crash as Harimor pushed down one of the doors had him sidestep and an arrow hit one of the larger orcs in the back. It roared as Harimor shot it once as well for good measure. It stumbled and came back charging. The other going for Torsten who was next to the waterways. As it neared he leap the 10 foot gap easily. He didn’t expect the orc to chase him and make it. His mace found the side of it’s knee though before Torsten leap up and crashed his mace down onto the gurgling stunned creature. He blindsided the one next to me thankfully before leaping at the last one. Dorin left the girl behind to help and we dispatched the last of the orcs to heard a scream from the lady and a splash as her body and the shaman hit the water. Echoes of laughing were heard but we couldn’t tell from where until we looked around.

It was from the main waterway, a side tunnel lead a ways in. Harimor looked at the water before he kicked a few stones in and watched them sink. It was too deep to just jump in… for most of us except myself and Harimor. I said I could build a boat suggestively when we heard a scream. Harimor growled no time. I made the next best solution that didn’t solve but helped. We shot an arrow down with a rope and tied it off to a pillar behind us and climbed down using the rope to keep us above the water.

As we rushed in we save two grayish figures the shaman and the girl. Dorin and myself shot the shaman in the face with crossbow bolts. Harrirmor rushed her afterwards to her surprised and lopped off her head. The grayish men in just rags looked at us hungrily, Torsten scowled and pulled forth his latern and invoked scripture onto the abominations as they shuddered we fell upon them. I was the first to her side, Alicia, and offered her a hand. I told her come with me if she wanted to leave which she did and she buried her face into my chest and weeped, the last few days of horror sinking in. Fallen rolled her eyes at me but I just smiled and gave her a thumbs up motion.


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