Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 10: Erie Mountain Lights Part 2

The third day came and little did I wake from my it knowing how much we would gamble with our own lives. Or be seeing our grisly yet useful guide for the last time. We hadn’t been taken out of the pan and into the fire. We had decided voluntarily, some more than others, to play with the embers and see how they flickered and blazed.

On the third night, we encountered some giant ants foraging for food. We slew them, but not before they killed our guide, One-Eye, horribly chewing him to pieces right before our very eyes! Also they had ripped apart our tents getting to us. Luckily, Torsten prayed to The Lantern for guidance, who showed The Adventurers of Light the way forward to your destination. Also we used a map. After we rested and healed up for several days before pressing on we eventually reached roughly the area of the tower and saw that in fact it was serving as some sort of orcish military base!

Even though we had basically completed the scouting mission, it was decided, over the initial objections of Harimor, that we would sneak into the base, at great risk to our own personal safety and despite the risk of not completing the scouting mission, on the theory that there might be prisoners there that needed rescuing. Hairmor agreed not wanting to leave a helpless soul to the vices of wicked demihumans.

We scouted the base from a nearby hill and saw the strange lights that the trappers had reported. This was a greenish-blue light emanating from behind the wooden walls of the orcish compound. Dorin sneaked up to the wall and saw that there was some ritual involving a slime-filled pit, drums and a shaman, at the end of which several acolytes removed some large, slime-covered, humanoid figures from the pit! Dorin ran like the wind back to the group, but not before noting that there also seemed to be a group of human mercenaries inside the compound with the orcs. I having not really looked into it explained they were maybe making orcs. When everyone looked at me as if mad I huffed asking them then to explain where baby orcs come from since I hadn’t seen one under 200 pounds of pure anger and spite. They shrugged off the notion of it being nonsense and we went back to planning and monitoring their actions.

We then formulated a plan: instead of charging in with beserker fury, We successfully ambushed several orc patrols, before sneaking into the compound. We got into an awkward and ill-thought-out scuffle with two orc guards that somehow didn’t lead to the orcs alerting the entire complex. We then sneaked into the main building, slaying several orcs that were innocently eating dinner, along with a couple of kitchen workers, who bravely defended themselves against our fury with dull butcher knives. We then headed into the basement of the complex, where we encountered some orc laborers, whom we started chasing through the basement into another part of the complex. With Harimor cutting them down as they fleed with the rest of us not far behind.


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