Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 07: Inn of No Hope P1

Session from 13th of Jan 2013

By the time we got back to the keep most of our parties injuries were mended. Rikar and the Ravens had forgotten about us. Most of our wears wound need to be moved about the area, I did manage to sell the exceptional light shortsword we had found in our loot before we left since Torsten donated most of our weapons to the Keep while I discussed bounties with Fallen along. Suppliedly she didn’t trust me to get a fair price and share it with the rest of the group. I thought likewise since I didn’t think she’d know how to get a fair price. After getting a few things around the keep we decided to go look for places to sell our wares. On our way back with a light rain that’s when the downpour happened. Rain and misfortune seemed to pour down on us.

I made my way to the office of bounties with Fallen while the rest of the party talked with the council of Frandor’s Keep. Torsten I later found out had donated weapons to the keep from our last haul. Which infuriated Fallen. We made due and started to sell off our loot but eventually needed to leave town. On our way back to the Keep we stopped at a secure inn that we had frequented. This made the fact the inn was desserted of people even more bizzare.

The moans from outside had us slamming the front door and barring it, the bangs from the basement had us running up stairs to the common room to find the walking dead.
Dorrin escaped out a window and I soon followed. Dorin was quite agile and quick for one so short and stout and had made his way over to the other side of the inn’s rooftops already. I couldn’t get a line on the party fighting underneath and dorin had sent a wayward lass in little more then her nightclothes after me… she was attractive though in a kind of all my family are probably undead and I don’t want to die sort of way.

I watched Dorin in the meantime schuttle down the side of the building and check out the cart in the middle of the courtyard. Unfortunately it attracted four zombies as a metal helmet clattered fromt he wagon as he searched through it. He scream and quick dash into the nearby barn had him slamming the door as the zombies bashed at the door. I had clambered over the roof telling the girl to stay put as I tossed down oil again. I heard the rest barreling down the stairs as I tried to frantically light something to toss down.


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