Hacked: The Odyssey of Young Adventurers

Tale 06: Company for Cash and Caves of Goblins P2

Session 6th of January 2012

I haven’t had much time to write about things from my previous adventure even though they happened sequentially. Harimor had been annointed under Torsten as a follower of the Light of the Lantern and Fallen Snow has been more brutish and uncivil than usual.

We didn’t know which way the gibbering was coming from but the unopened door wouldn’t open. The other door slammed shut and I freaked out. Harimor and Torsten bashed the way we had come in and started to waylay into a dozen goblins. I found oil in my pack and tossed it, unfortunately it hit the ceiling and fell onto Fallen and Torsten, I searched for more oil and heard the door behind us start to jiggle. Sean exclaimed we had company and I tossed the oil in the other direction.

A goblin or two came out and I set the oil on the ground afire with my wand of fire. No one else came in. Seeing bundles getting tossed into the room had be diving out of the way. I realized later they were babies. Small women came rushing in on fire next and I was a bit surprised. I didn’t know Goblin men would do that kind of thing with their women but they were trying to latch onto us to catch us on fire.

A large goblin looked at Fallen and did something I couldn’t see, she growled and rushed through the doorway into the darkness, I yelled at her to stop since it was probably a trap as I watched someone stab her in the side as she stumbled in. Sean, Dorin, and myself started after her. Sean downed the ambushed as Dorin ran in. I was behind him to see Fallen back pedaling towards us. Oddly enough fighting six goblins is kind of a chore even for Fallen.

Dorin and Sean moved back doing as much as they thought possible and safe but the boss kept coming, the fires on him singing his hair and eyebrows kept him slight distracted but in truth it looked still pretty grim until Harimor rushed him. With the area cleared out we cleared the bodies while keeping heads and got in an argument on when to leave, I did think spending at least the night there would be for the best. Torsten wanted to leave immediately to warn the people of Frandor’s Keep about the siege we had discovered from the letters and such.


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